Listen to Marino Franchitti blasting this Singer-modified 911 around Laguna at full chat

It’s no secret that the Porsche 911s reimagined by Singer are some of the most stunning vehicles in recent memory to come out of the high-end restoration world. There’s a lot of thought, time, work, and yep, money, that goes into a bespoke restomod on this level.

You’ve probably heard (or read) about everything that goes into one of these four-wheeled works of art by now: a 964-generation (1989–94 Porsche 911) donor chassis, completely overhauled internals, plus deliberations over everything from the weave texture of your seat bottoms to the material for your gas cap, to exterior color and what bits and baubles you’ll want color-matched. And did we mention the money? Commissions can cost well over $600,000.

But the final result is breathtaking. And they’re so much more than glorified sculptures. Their engine notes are nothing short of heavenly.

In the video below, test driver and professional racer Marino Franchitti wheels a resplendent orange and blue example around Laguna Seca. He’s not being delicate, either.

We love everything about the video—the way Franchitti’s hands see-saw back and forth as he tosses the tail-heavy work of art into a turn, how quickly the throttle blips as he downshifts into a sharp corner, and most of all, the noise it makes as he winds it out on Laguna’s front and back straights.

Volume up, headphones in—this is the stuff of dreams.

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