Manthey Racing Kit Makes Cayman GT4 RS Even More Capable

Porsche/Rossen Gargolov

If you own the GT4 RS variant of Porsche’s 718 Cayman, you already have an immensely capable, road-legal track car. But it’s hard for track rats to leave well enough alone, and Porsche knows that. As a result, If you want double the downforce, more range of adjustment in the struts, and 20 percent more spring rate, the company is now offering a kit produced by Manthey Racing, and it’s available to order in the U.S. this summer.

At $53,946 without tax or installation fees, the Manthey goodies are a pricey proposition. However, it’s marginally cheaper than the first Manthey kit offered here in the states, a similar set of aerodynamic and suspension changes for the 992-chassis 911 GT3; that one cost $57,300.

The main reason you’d consider spending 33 percent of the MSRP of a Cayman GT4 RS on this kit, other than the preservation of the factory warranty? Manthey is not your run-of-the-mill race shop. After DTM, Germany’s premier touring-car series, stuttered in 1996, the magnificently mustachioed DTM racer Olaf Manthey turned his focus to back to a pair of one-make Porsche series: Carrera Cup, which he had won in 1990, and Supercup. Manthey Racing’s home track is the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Automakers other than Porsche love to tout lap times at this infamously long, intricate track, but Manthey’s claim to ‘Ring fame is iron-clad: Olaf, with 30 victories to his name, has won more races at the track than anyone else since 1977. His team also holds the top spot: With 57 wins at the track, they are the winningest outfit at the ‘Ring.

Manthey Racing has fielded Porsches on behalf of the factory in the FIA World Endurance Championship since 2013, the same year that Olaf merged his team with race-car developer and builder Raeder Motorsport GmbH, a merger that Porsche quickly blessed by acquiring a 51 percent stake in what became Manthey-Racing.

If you need another reason to be impressed by the name of Manthey, the team won its class (LMGT) in 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1999. It was the first time Manthey had ever attempted the storied race. And yes, it won with a Porsche.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Manthey Kit nürburgring

As Porschephiles will remember from last summer’s announcement of the Manthey Kit for the top-tier Cayman, Manthey succeeded in beating the ‘Ring time of the stock Cayman GT4 RS thanks to the help of longtime Porsche GT racer and current Porsche ambassador Jörg Bergmeister, who also set the benchmark lap for the stock Cayman GT4 RS. The time difference? A smidge more than six seconds: 7:03.121 with the Manthey upgrades, compared to 7:09.300. (Yes, we can assure you, both Porsche and Manthey care about that “over six seconds” statement, even if “over” means a mere .179 seconds more.)

718 cayman gt4 rs manthey
Porsche/Rossen Gargolov

The Manthey kit for the 718 Cayman GT4 RS comes in two versions: One for cars with the optional (from the factory) front-axle lift and one for those without. Whichever version you require, you’ll be receiving a set of steel-jacketed brake lines, a new set of coilovers adjustable to four positions, stiffer front springs (20 percent higher spring rate), front aero flaps, a carbon underbody with diffusers, a carbon-fiber engine-cover panel, aerodiscs for the rear wheels, and an additional position for the new rear wing, which has been widened by 85 mm. When set to the track-intended Performance position, the wing increases downforce from 196 to 372 pounds at 124 mph.

Of course, if you have a bit more cash to splash, the goodies go on. You can add a carbon-fiber attachment to the fixed spoiler (it adds another four percent or so of downforce, if you have the swan-neck wing set to max attack) and replace the front fender louvers with carbon-fiber ones for $5890. You can order race-spec brake pads from Manthey. You can jazz up those aerodiscs with stickers, and spice up the interior with illuminated door panels bearing the Manthey logo in red and white.

718 cayman gt4 rs manthey

While you can test-drive a Cayman GT4 RS with (and without) the Manthey Kit at the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and in L.A., the kit can only be installed by a Manthey-authorized Porsche Center. After reaching out to Porsche, we now know that Manthey’s site, which shows Houston as the only option, is not up to date: You can find the full list of Manthey Certified Porsche Centers here, organized by region.

porsche experience center atlanta 718 cayman gt4 rs manthey


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