Lose yourself in the virtual world of Pagani’s awesome new online configurator

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Pagani has created the ultimate car configurator that renders realtime, high resolution video of your dream machine.

Currently devoted to the Huayra BC Roadster, Pagani calls its web platform a “Real time product fascinator” and, you know what, it is indeed fascinating. With the Huayra as your canvas you can pick from 51 main exterior colors, 18 secondary colors, and over 30 hues for stripes. Spec your wheels in silver, gold, black or titanium and pick brake calipers in red or black to complete the exterior.

Move inside and choose from 22 leather finishes and select your dials, then see the whole car rendered for a 360-degree view in a choice of settings.

Finally, you can even watch a video of the exact car you’ve ‘built’ in action, tearing down a runway. And, of course, you can download shots of your creation for wallpapers, because let’s face it that’s the closest you’re ever going to get to a real Pagani.

The incredible configurator is powered by video game technology, deploying Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA RTX and Google Cloud streaming. Porsche-owned MHP is also involved so expect the system to find its way to Porsche websites in the near future. Until then, enjoy your holiday weekend designing the ultimate Huayra. We certainly will.

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