The lightweight Ford GT Carbon Series now official

The Carbon Series is the newest variation in the Ford GT lineup, giving an official name to what was known to a few customers as the lightweight edition. The changes are fairly straightforward, resulting in 40 pounds of weight savings but keeping amenities like the stereo and air conditioning.

The major weight reduction in the Carbon Series comes from parts replacement. Carbon fiber wheels, titanium exhaust, titanium lug nuts, and a polycarbonate rear window replace heavier versions with no sacrifice in performance. It also features exposed carbon fiber on the A-pillars, lower panels, and in a stripe that runs along the center of the car. The only option on the Carbon Series is an accent package that adds a smaller accent stripe, side mirrors, and brake calipers—all color-matched.

Ford expects to build 50 to 100 copies of the Carbon Series per year for the rest of the GT’s production run (now extended to 2022), and that the exact number is not limited. If you’re on the order list and want one, it can be yours. We don’t however know how much extra the Carbon Series will cost above the 2019 Ford GT, which has an estimated base price expected to be close to $500,000.

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