Civic Type R is big on LEGO (and we mean BIG)

Many car enthusiasts built a car out of LEGO bricks long before they picked up the tools to rebuild a real car. I know I did. Perhaps that’s why I’m enthralled every time the toymaker releases a set based on one of my favorite cars, or a video is released showing a full-size car built from the tiny interlocking pieces, like this one from Honda Australia.

The teaser doesn’t give any details about the full-scale Civic, but the recreation is shockingly accurate to the vehicle’s curves, given the medium’s low-res, pixelated nature. I won’t even venture a guess as to how many LEGO pieces were used in its construction, or whether or not it uses a LEGO engine that’s capable of moving the car under its own power, like the LEGO Bugatti did… sort of. What the video does show is that this LEGO version has functioning lights and plenty of detail, down to the holes in its ventilated brake rotors.

The build will be featured on Australia’s Channel 9 show LEGO Masters, so tune in your satellite dish to get the details on the bricked version of Honda’s hot hatch, or perhaps keep your eye on its YouTube channel.

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