Lebowski spin-off “The Jesus Rolls” is loaded with sweet vintage cars

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For those of us that abide by the easy-going life lessons of a certain Los Angeles deadbeat, it was perfectly clear that nobody &%$’s with the Jesus. And that’s not just, like, my opinion, man. Diehard fans of 1998’s The Big Lebowski have not yet been made to suffer any sequels or spin-offs that nobody asked for, but it appears that time has finally come. 

Reprising his role as Jesus Quintana, John Turturro will star in The Jesus Rolls this year, giving the viewing public an expanded character study of the cool-and-collected league bowler with one hell of a celebration dance. The good news? The cast is absolutely fantastic, and I’m not even talking about the people. Based on the initial trailer, The Jesus Rolls is packed with outstanding vintage cars.

The film will aim to cover Jesus Quintana’s exploits that follow his release from prison. Basically right out of the gate, Quintana is back up to no good, boosting what looks like a 1973 Plymouth Road Runner—thanks to a screwdriver and his buddy Petey (Bobby Cannavale). Turns out the car belongs to an armed gentleman played by Jon Hamm, who confronts Jesus and Petey in front of Marie, played by Audrey Tatou. 

Before long, Jesus is causing a ruckus all over town in what looks like a 1988 Dodge Dynasty, and for just about a frame at 1:02 in the video, we see what might be a red BMW 2002 pull up as he speaks with a character played by Susan Sarandon. Petty criminal antics continue in the back seat of a 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury (at 1:17), as well as some celebratory screaming at 1:42 from the passenger seat of a yellow VW Thing.

Oh, and Christopher Walken is in the movie. So mix those White Russians, slip on a pair of bowling shoes, stay in your element, and get ready to roll (unless it’s Shabbos). Just maybe don’t lick the bowling ball—that’s a Jesus Quintana thing.

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