Leaked video shows 2020 C8 Corvette hit 194 mph

A minute-long video, leaked from an internal Chevrolet meeting, shows the 2020 Corvette Stingray streak to its 194-mph top speed on a test track in Papenburg, Germany.

The video above appears to be narrated by Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter, who explains how the 2020 Stingray ran 194 mph on the flat, straight section of the test track in Papenburg, Germany to determine its top speed. The video takes place on a straightaway that looks to be close to 2.5 miles in length between the track’s banked, 180-degree turns.

When the video takes up, the C8 is already traveling 185 mph. The Stingray’s digital dash appears to be displaying two fluid temperatures: we think one could be transmission temp, and the other either coolant or oil temp. Both are in the double-digit range and approaching 100 degrees Celsius, (around 210 Fahrenheit), and the outside temperature is indicated at 21 degrees (which translates to 70 Fahrenheit)—a nice, cool day to let all 495 horsepower of the Stingray’s LT2 V-8 run free.

We couldn’t glean much else from the video clip, but the top speed run was made in 6th gear, which is appropriate since the Corvette’s top gear has typically been very high, normally used only for cruising and pulling down budget-friendly highway fuel economy.

With the Z51’s aero package, which adds downforce at the cost of extra drag, top speed will be reduced to 184 mph, but expect future, forced-induction ’Vette variants to break the 200-mph mark.

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