This $350K reborn Lancia Delta Futurista will make your commute a Group B rally stage

Lancia died a slow death by way of Sergio Marchionne, but die-hard fans of 1980s-model Lancias have never given up on the brand. One enthusiast is bringing back the brand’s glory days with a reimagined Lancia Delta called the Delta Futurista.

That enthusiast is Eugenio Amos. His passion for analog and nostalgia led to the Singer-like recreation of the most iconic Lancia. The numbers have just been released on his re-imagined Delta Futurista and they are impressive. In an Instagram post, Amos declares that the Delta tips the scales at 1250 kilograms (2755 pounds) and packs 330 horsepower. The rear doors have been deleted to make the one-time four-door a two-door.

It’s all inspired by the Group B Delta S4 Stradale race car. The limited run of Futuristas will be completely redesigned with the goal of keeping the spirit and character of the original homologation cars. Amos’ small Italian engineering company, Automobili Amos, has styled the car to be produced in aluminum with a carbon fiber front end. According to an interview with Classic Driver, the production will span just 15 cars. They will be built two at a time over 3–4 months. The Futuristas will begin as standard Delta Integrale 16v models, as the Evoluzione models are too rare and valuable to be used for conversion. The price tag is an eye-watering $350,000.

If all of this sounds a little extreme, that’s because it is. Amos admits it. The Lancia Delta is the car that caused him to fall in love with cars when he was seven years old. The sensory experience of that car has stuck with him for so long, and now he wants to continue the legacy of that iconic automobile. We don’t blame him.

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