Koenigsegg’s summer blockbuster

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Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg has gone into the movie business. At least it did during lockdown, when seemingly the whole workforce was drafted in to film Time to Reign.

The entertaining heist movie stars boss Christian von Koenigsegg alongside designers, the marketing team, and various company assistants. Clearly none of them are actors, but at least one knows how to bust a move as a dancing security guard.

Directed by Sebastian von Koenigsegg Time to Reign packs a lot of action into its ten-minute run time, from a Mission Impossible-style break-in to a hot pursuit involving the final Regera and a pair of Volvo 940s. Cue plenty of Swedish sedan slides and an explosive jump.

The whole film was made in-house by Koenigsegg and shows, if nothing else, that it’s a company with a great sense of fun. The end credits even include a recruitment drive inviting candidates to “be a part of this loco family.” Where do we sign up?

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