Jeep wants you to design its next easter egg

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2020 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon FCA

Jeep fans are familiar with the brand’s tendency to hide easter eggs all over its vehicles. Whether it’s the numerical tribute to the Toledo, Ohio, plant that builds the Wrangler, (419) or the Willy’s Jeep scaling a mountain that’s nestled in the corner of the glass, it seems like there are clever nods to heritage within eyesight at all times. Now, Jeep is tapping into the rabid passion of its fans to decide the next easter egg—and where it should go.

This practice of sprinkling in easter eggs all over Jeeps began in 2011 with the Grand Cherokee, according to Mark Allen, Jeep’s head of design. “We added small Jeep grilles inside the headlamp bulb shields,” he explained. “After that, we starting sprinkling small graphics on various vehicles.”

Jeep easter egg story willys graphic on wheel
If you look closely, you can see the red silhouette of an original Willys Jeep on the new Wrangler Rubicon’s wheel. FCA

To submit an idea, fans should go to (not sure whether to be surprised or not surprised this domain was still available) and get to work. Jeep brand designers and executives will choose the winner, to be announced on July 31. In addition to getting a chance to see their suggestion find its way onto new Jeeps, the winner will receive a new Jeep vehicle of their choice.

What exactly is the target submission? According to Jeep, four things will be considered in equal measure when it picks the winner:

  • How creative the idea is: Perhaps a tiny graphic of a Wrangler on two wheels vaulting an apex on the back of the steering wheel?
  • How well the idea conveys the Jeep brand’s ideals: On second thought, skip all ideas containing Wranglers on race tracks.
  • How clear and actionable the idea is: Your easter egg shouldn’t require hours of searching.
  • How original and authentic the idea is: If you simply put the rest of the plant number after the 419 engraving, you’re not gonna win—you’re also strange.

The contest is open until July 2, so you have the next 10 days to leave your mark.

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