Jaguar grants the all-electric I-Pace extra range

Jaguar’s latest latest complimentary software upgrade for the all-electric I-Pace can bring a bit more range to the table. Just how much, exactly? “Up to 12 miles of real-world range on a full charge,” according to Jaguar statement, plus “enhanced software-over-the-air functionality” that allows for more modules to receive remote updates in the future.

Jaguar claims this is all thanks to experience it gained through the single-make I-Pace eTrophy racing series, which challenged the automaker to produce better coding for the battery management and thermal control systems, as well as the torque vectoring of the all-wheel drive unit. This means that while we wait for some sort of an i-Pace SVR to get approved for production, at least we get more range from Jaguar’s already impressive standard EV, which comes with a 234-mile range according to the EPA. Despite Jaguar’s claimed range increase of up to eight percent, the EPA rating will not change.

I-Pace road track version side-view head to head

This is just further proof that even if the batteries lose some of their capacity as an EV gets older, the manufacturers also gain enough practical data to make their drivetrains more efficient without needing to change any hardware. Jaguar’s software upgrade affected the following systems:

  • All-Wheel Drive: Changes to the torque distribution between the front and rear motors will deliver greater efficiency when driving in ECO mode.
  • Temperature control: Refinements to thermal management control will make greater use of the active radiator vane system, closing the vanes more frequently to enhance aerodynamic performance more often.
  • Battery Capacity: Updates allow the battery to run to a lower state of charge than previously without affecting driveability, durability or performance.
  • Regenerative Braking: The vehicle’s brakes will harvest energy more efficiently when the battery is in a high state of charge, and the amount of energy recovery has been increased at lower driving speeds to maximize efficiency and range.
  • Range calculation: Changes to the predictive range calculation algorithm will deliver a more accurate and consistent estimate of vehicle range, while being more reflective of an individual’s driving style.

I-Pace owners can receive the complimentary performance benefits by visiting their local dealer, while the latest over-the-air software update improvements could make such benefits available via remote download in the near future. The updates will come with new I-Pace models, which Jaguar will happily sell you for $70,495 including destination.

I-Pace front three-quarter in new york city
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