Jaguar builds new concept racer you can drive in Gran Turismo


Jaguar has unleashed a wild new 255-mph electric race car and is giving it way for free. If you own a Sony PlayStation and Gran Turismo you can download and drive the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV concept next year.

The virtual racer is powered by four electric motors developed by Jaguar Racing, sending 1903 hp to all four wheels. The Vision Gran Turismo SV will throw it self down the digital road at a ridiculous pace, reaching 60 mph from rest in 1.65 seconds. At its top speed the electric motors spin at a heady 40,000 rpm.


The long, low bodywork, inspired by the past racing glory of the C-Type, D-Type, XJR-9 and XJR-14, cheats the air with a low drag coefficient of 0.398, yet still generates over 1000 pounds of downforce at 200 mph. Jaguar says that the virtual racer has been developed in exactly the same way as the team would work on a real car and was, in fact, produced in tandem with next year’s Formula E electric racer.

Among the innovations are a liquid nitrogen battery cooling system which allows the battery pack to deliver maximum power for a longer duration.

In real life (IRL as the gamers say) there is one full-size Vision Gran Turismo GT model complete with a full interior with seats made from a new composite material called Typefibre, which could offer a lighter alternative to leather in future Jaguar road cars.

The Vision Gran Turismo SV is destined for endurance e-racing. We wonder how long the virtual recharging pit stops will take?

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