It’s Official: New Corvette ZR1 Arrives This Summer

Corvette ZR1 graphic shown on black Chevrolet

While the C8 Corvette already comes in varying levels of heat, the famous ZR1 moniker has yet to make its appearance on the mid-engine sports car from Chevrolet. That all changes this summer, when the next ZR1 will be unveiled. Until then, Chevrolet gave us a teaser video to whet our appetites.

While the alphanumeric made its debut in 1970, the ZR1 has been the flagship Corvette since the 1990 model year. The engines of ZR1 models have always been heavily enhanced, so we’re expecting nothing less from the newest iteration. Expectations are high for good reason: The base Stingray has 495 horses, the E-Ray hybrid a combined 650, and the Z06 670 ponies behind the passenger cabin.

We can only speculate about what we’ll see this summer, but we know the ZR1 will use a DOHC V-8, as in the good ol’ days of the C4: It might even use the flat-plane-crank LT6 architecture from the current Z06. Forced induction is all but guaranteed. We expect twin turbos, changing a precedent set by the last ZR1, whose powertrain was supercharged. Hybridization is unlikely in the upcoming ZR1; besides the E-Ray, a hybrid system will likely be reserved for the Zora, a 1000-hp beast of a C8 that is supposedly still in the works. Will the new ZR1 be the most powerful, and last, gas-only Corvette? Smart money says yes.

Expect the ZR1 to have more power than the Z06—probably 850 hp or so, delivered via a wholly unique driving experience. Watch this space for updates as we get them.


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    Well this is nothing like the ZR1 of the C4 as that one can’t even measure up to the Base Stingray.

    I would not expect this will be the last Gas only Corvette. The next gen I feel in 2 wheel drive will remain gas only. The EV system on this car is not for government regs it is for the front drive assist. The sole reason is for added traction and not complex mechanical drive.

    I do anticipate more HP and some body changes like the vented hood we have seen. It will be a car made for more high end speed. It may see more active aero work being done.

    The Zora will be the major change as I expect some significant styling changes. I expect it to be much more race car like.

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. I am seeing no awards being handed out by Haggerty for being first to comment, never seen someone with so much free time and opinions to share in my life. Some good synopsis, but I see a glint of tinfoil hat off the sun with some of these theories, unless you have some information to share with the class…

    hyperv6 always gets the talk started. Thats a good thing in my book, no matter the opinion. Plus, like me, he likes Fieros. Can’t go wrong on that. 😁

    The forum here is very diverse and I am just an auto fan and was born that way. I live and work an automotive life style so that is what I do.

    Generally the folks here are great and it is interesting to see what is going on. Yes I can post some controversial things but that can get conversations started. Also with work I am privy to some of the laws and problems we as racers and collectors will be facing and the more support we get now the better.

    With the people that are out there now little is off the table and we may have to fight for our rights sooner than later.

    FYI no tin foil hats about that. I have had bipartisan members of the United State House at my desk giving us support at work. Even the governor stopped by. They know the amount of jobs and money that these industries in the performance market bring and some really car while others not so much.

    Agreed. There are some “given’s” for those who understand the GM/Corvette design and engineering abilities from year to year- so let folks express their imagination! Have an 86 Fiero GT, appreciation of GM stepping outside their comfort zone & a fun car too!

    Please keep it civil. Friendly disagreement, constructive correction, and personal experience or opinion are always welcome.

    ” nothing like the ZR1 of the C4 as that one can’t even measure up to the Base Stingray ” YOU ARE CORRECT HOWEVER , RESPECTFULLY, I believe you have misread or taken the reference out of context. The author did not compare the C8 ZR! to The C4 ZR1. The statement was in reference to the engine design ” we know the ZR1 will use a DOHC V-8, as in the good ol’ days of the C4 ” The DOHC V8 that was produced 35 years ago for the C4 generation was quite impressive and advanced for Corvette and GM at that time.
    I agree with you that this likely will not be the last gas only corvette, though I disagree it will remain the next ten. I also agree with the author that it will be ” the last most powerful and gas only corvette “. We still have yet to see the SUV that is no longer just rumoured, and there is also some talk / speculation from people who have close connections to the insiders at Corvette about a possible Gran Sport.
    I do not anticipate the next generation C9 having a gas only model anywhere in the line up. At best we will see a True Hybrid ( your statement about Eray not the result of Gov Regs is correct and I would even debate using the term EV when referencing Eray ). Unless there is a big change in the legislation 50% (US)- 60% ( Can ) of all new vehicles sold must be EV by 2030 and 100% by 2035. Taking into consideration that automakers will to make changes to assembly plants. Next model year vehicles are built during the current year, and other details or specifics its not something that they can just implement when the final day is upon us. I do not see how an automaker could efficiently produce 80 or 90% EV and a handful of ICE vehicles. This is not something I am hopeful for or in favour of the reality is there is not going to be a choice.

    Nothing was missed. I just see little in relation other than 4 cams and 8 cylinders.

    The ZR1 was an expensive mistake by GM as the LT4b had to be delayed not to upset the folks who over paid for the ZR1 new.

    That said the Original C4 ZR1 is showing up in other GMS ala Hot Rods. 2023 Motor week in Monterey I saw a ’60 vette, 75 F bird and 67 Camaro retro fitted with them. We all know the problems and the looming shortage of parts but open the hoods and I was impressed. As to the new hype, my 22 C8 Z51 mag ride is so much car I really don’t care about the next ones.

    The reveal may happen this summer, but I’d bet sizable sum that it won’t be “arriving” in anyone’s driveway this summer. All one needs to recall is how late the Z06 was to arrive after the promised date, and the E-Ray still isn’t available with only a couple of hundred in customer’s hands.

    Perhaps Mr. Hendricks will receive VIN XXXXXXXX000001 by mid-September, but probably not anyone else.

    While HyperV6 may be prolific and often first, his comments are always on point and certainly less controversial than many on this forum. Not to mention other sites where contributors with names alluding to genitalia or favorite sex acts race to dribble endlessly.

    Always on point is something I would contest. It is often logical but tainted with a smell of conspiracy which is a little hard to take seriously, even if right. And I think you proved my point that too much time on your hands if prolific on more than just here… and glad I don’t frequent the same spaces given the usernames you mention, seems like a place polite company should avoid.

    It’s not so much polite company as not being totally sophomoric. Like yours, most postings here attempt to make a point rather than just posting for the sake of posts.

    I hate useless teasers like this. Something a little more concrete would have been nice. Oh well Toyota strung everyone along on the 4Runner so it’s not like GM alone does this, they all do.

    This is the blessing and curse of the web. Years ago we got hit with it all in early Sept of the model year with what the new cars looked like and what they could do.

    Now it is a constant drip of info for several years in some cases.

    Yes they all are guilty.

    Somehow I miss the fun of the total drop of info. That was at times fun and exciting or what the hell were they thinking moments.

    Joe we are provided with a place for comments, opinions and ideas. We are all free to express what we like here as long as we do no harm to one another.

    If you have an opinion on a given topic please post away. As to my own personal habits why does it matter to you?

    If you agree great. If you disagree please debate but if you have nothing other than personal trolling find someone that cares.

    Are there enough buyers interested in the multiple variants of this car? This comment is coming from a person who has owned Corvettes for the past 40 years and intends to continue owning a Corvette until circumstances beyond my control prevent it.

    There is always someone willing to pay more for a more powerful Corvette.

    In the past they may not have had many models but they had tons of more power options. Lower volumes but more money.

    It’s Car Talk–enjoy it! I’m looking forward to begging my neighbor for a drive in his new Z06 convert….

    I fear the majority of these will fall victim to dealer greed and become garage queens bought primarily by speculators. Cars are meant to be driven. A garage is where you store your next project car…

    That said the Original C4 ZR1 is showing up in other GMS ala Hot Rods. 2023 Motor week in Monterey I saw a ’60 vette, 75 F bird and 67 Camaro retro fitted with them. We all know the problems and the looming shortage of parts but open the hoods and I was impressed. As to the new hype, my 58th vette my 2022 C8 Z51 mag ride is so much car I really don’t care about the next ones

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