Report: Hybrid Hiatus as AMG Brings Back the V-8


Mercedes-AMG has pulled a U-turn and will fit the upcoming CLE 63 with a twin-turbo V-8 motor instead of the four-pot plug-in hybrid installed in the C63 and GLC 63.

The 670-hp electrified powertrain may have made those cars faster than ever, but sales have been slower than expected, with numbers lower than their eight-cylinder predecessors. According to Autocar that’s resulted in the highest performance edition of the CLE being swapped back to V-8 power. Under the hood will be a 585-hp four-liter twin turbo with mild hybrid technology.

Despite the PHEV four-cylinder making more power the concept of having a four-cylinder model at the top of the range was confusing to customers, admitted head of Mercedes-Benz’s R&D Markus Schäfer. “But we explained the concept, the rationale and where it came from, especially with reference to F1, and they started to understand what the idea behind it was.”

Nonetheless for the CLE, buyers seeking the very best in the line-up will see the V-8 63 sitting above the six-cylinder, three-liter 53.

“We decided for the C-Class to go with the four-cylinder and a strong electrical side,” said Schäfer. “We decided for the GT and the S-Class to go with the eight [-cylinder] with the same electric side. We have to see what the customer ultimately decides.”

Autocar reckons the CLE might be just one of several AMG models to switch back to V-8 power, with Mercedes closely watching sales of the C63 and GLC 63. “We will stay close to the feedback of people and customers, and then we will go from that,” added Schäfer.

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    First of many adjustmentents in the industry. While many hate EV the Hybrids will become less popular too when they need repair and few see any real savings.

    But there is still the regulations from the EPA and CARB to be dealt with. I see an ugly fight.

    So it’s a rumor from a magazine, so it’s a nice guess really. Killing the V8 was a mistake. Maybe they will learn but they have gone so far up the technology pipeline I don’t know if Mercedes can come back for me.

    As expected the pool of EV technology adopters has drained. Auto makers are starting to rethink their going all electric plans. Thank God!!!!

    This is probably emblematic of MB and their customers, frequently repeat buyers, who trade across and up, rarely down. The “half of a V8” driveline was potentially sending customers out of the showroom. The big V8 sounds (literally) better, with the AMG exhaust cut-outs open, and unlike a breezy little engine. Having driven the lighter 53 inline 6 turbo with the high-amp electric supercharger, I wonder if there is any real world performance advantage, other than the V8 rumble (the 53 is stunning overall and probably similar to the new motors from Dodge). Marketing and tech may not sell top line rides to traditional buyers.

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