Is the Theon Design 911 Britain’s Singer?

Dean Smith / Theon Design

Adam Hawley’s Theon Design might just be the British equivalent of California’s 911 custom specialist Singer. Having previously worked for OEMs including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Lexus, and Lotus, as well as aerospace giant Airbus, the Oxfordshire-based designer is now devoting his expertise full time to his passion for Porsches.

Hawley’s approach to the 964-era 911 is to “distill and enhance the essence of the air-cooled 911, making each car lighter, more powerful, and even more visceral to drive.” His first build was a 911 SC powered by a race-ready 993 engine and Theon Design was formed soon after to create unique cars for customers.

“I always wanted to own a 911 that was a little bit different; to create a car using the design, material and prototyping skills I acquired over the twenty years I spent in the automotive industry,” says Hawley. “My goal was to enhance a classic Porsche, applying an OEM-like approach with Computer-Aided Design and manufacture to ensure the highest possible quality and finish. Finally, I was determined to honor Stuttgart’s legendary heritage and engineering ethos, with a focus on lightweight construction, enhanced performance and ultra-precise and engaging driving dynamics.”

The Theon Design HK002 pictured here is the second car constructed for a Hong Kong collector. Every build utilizes digital scanning and modeling to create bespoke parts that fit seamlessly together. In the case of the HK002 that includes a long hood and widebody formed from hand-beaten steel panels. The carbon bumpers and spoiler are made by a nearby Formula 1 manufacturer.

Theon will fit engines from 3.6 to four liters and the HK002 is running a 3.8-liter 376-hp flat-six with independent throttle bodies, lowed and ported heads, Mahle barrels and pistons, Carrillo roads and custom camshafts, plus a lightened, balance bottom end. The transmission is a rebuilt G50 six-speed from a 993 and lowered KW Variant 3 dampers are fitted.

Hawley’s team has lightweighted this 911 down to just 2751 pounds, and achieves a 50:50 weight distribution by replacing the air-conditioning and power steering systems with modern units and moving them from the rear to the front of the car.

The cabin has been extensively remodeled with a leather-wrapped carbon center console and Recaro front seats. Modern touches include a hidden reversing camera screen which reveals itself when reverse gear is selected, a hidden stereo, magnetic wireless charging for the owner’s phone and a totally modern HVAC system. As an example of Hawley’s attention to detail the heating controls are operated by a 1970s style cable system for retro feel.

Theon Design commissions start at just under $420,000 and take 18 months to complete. It looks like they’re worth the wait.

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