Get an eyeful of this insane, never-seen-before American car collection

Somewhere in America, there are three buildings chock-full of rare cars that never got driven, only so that they could all go up for sale now. Apparently, this mind-blowing collection was started in the late 1970s, and it contains not only two original Bizzarrinis they claim to be prototypes despite being left-hand-drive with an LS instead of a 327, but also the best of the American muscle era, multiple generation Corvettes, and GT40s. Also included are Lamborghinis (including an LM002, a Countach and a Diablo), Ferraris (a 250 Lusso, a 308 racing car and more), Lotuses, a Matra Jet, a Jensen Interceptor, a slantnose 930-based Gemballa Avalanche, hot rods, customs, one of only two Oldsmobile Aurora GTS-1 prototypes made by GM, BMWs such as an 850i and a … Z3, and so much more.

Some of the Can Am and other race cars appear to be replicas, there are plenty of originals, and the sheer scale of this rather-neglected fleet making this a significant reveal. Mind you, Ammo NYC’s Larry Kosilla hasn’t even seen half of it yet, and if you’re interested in any of the cars shown in his videos, the curators await your inquiry at After long hours of careful detailing, all can go now.

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In the first of multiple episodes to come, Kosilla focuses on Bizzarrini P538 s/n 003, one of two P538s owned by this mysterious collector. Having s/n 003 and 004 under one roof is a big deal, because while nobody seems to agree on precisely how many P538s were finished in-period, the true number should be below ten in total.

This particular car parked to a Noble-based, Ferrari-engined P-car replica is claimed to be one of the two (or maybe three) Bizzarrini P538s equipped with a Chevrolet small-block. If that’s the case, after its full cleanup by Ammo NYC, and perhaps a bit of mechanical maintenance, it could fetch as much as seven figures at auction. However, troubling details include that Bizzarrini P538s are supposed to be right-hand-drive like all Le Mans cars of their era, and when it comes to those Chevy V-8s, Bizzarrini used 327s instead of the LS derivative seen below. There’s a chance these P537s aren’t exactly what their owner advertises them to be, but based on this video alone, we can’t tell for sure.

Either way, this is only the beginning, as there are hundreds of exciting cars in great need of some love and care:

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