In an Incremental Evolution, Morgan Updates its Plus Four


In the history of cars, few models have stuck to evolution and eschewed revolution quite like the Morgan Plus Four. First introduced in 1950, the original Plus Four is hauntingly similar to the one you find in dealer showrooms today. Time does march on, however, and Morgan just announced another small step toward the future with new updates to the tried-and-true model.

The most obvious changes are found on the exterior: new lighting, fenders, front splitter, rear diffuser, and mirrors. Interestingly, reading deeper into Morgan’s announcement, the evolution of the fenders is more an outcome of a change in how they’re manufactured more than any desire to visually update the car itself. The new lighting implements larger eight-inch round headlights that feature integrated turn indicators, further simplifying the car’s straightforward design. The splitters have a similar clean impact, taking visual weight off the lower part of the car, instead letting your eye focus on those flowing fenders.

The body’s changes might be subtle, but the chassis updates ought to be readily apparent out on the road. The standard suspension gets updated spring rates and dampers, while a new “Dynamic Handling Pack” will also be available for those seeking a sportier setting. Consisting of special springs combined with single way adjustable damping, adjustable spring platforms, as well as the addition of a rear anti-roll bar, this package will likely sharpen the car’s sporting pretenses significantly. That’s an interesting addition for a brand that’s traditionally prioritized driving experience over speed or performance.

The last update impacts the Sennheiser audio system that was first introduced in 2022. It gains handy functionality to improve the user experience with minimal visual change. In addition to the visible speakers in both doors, there are now additional speakers hidden beneath the seats. The LCD readout between the gauges will now scroll the volume and music information.


The Morgan Plus Four might be slowly evolving, but from where we sit it seems to be pleasant progress. The updates are included in the new £62,500 ($78,378 plus taxes) price tag and the +4 is available for order now via


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    I think these cars are really cool but I would be hard pressed to pay the price of a new Corvette for one.

    So they traded the old look for a new funny face. Not a looker but I am sure it is great for top down driving.

    Classic + 4s with T R engines are some of the few affordable vintage Brit sports cars left…

    Simple, parts available, fun.

    The pic of the rear: umbrellas out, driver w/top down. Makes sense in a British way, but on US streets, a Morgan sadly does not.

    What can you say about a company that continued/s to use ash for their frames. You get it or you don’t. I do in a way. It’s a throwback car, a connoisseurs item. But you can leave out the upgraded stereo. There’s something about an old AM mono one speaker that sounds right if we’re going to go for a ride in the way back machine, period correct. Many recordings were done knowing that they’d be heard that way, rattling on the dash with that tin can sound as factored in, like movies intentionally shot in black and white. The Temptations on a old paper speaker with a slight tear.

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