Hyundai N Vision 74 is go for launch: report


Hyundai’s retro-futuristic N Vision 74 Coupe has been given the green light for full production, according to South Korea’s Money Today.

In concept form the N Vision 74 is designed around a hydrogen fuel cell unit sending a mighty 671 hp and 664 lbft of torque to twin rear wheel motors, although it’s more likely that a streetable version would pack a conventional battery-electric powertrain. Hyundai already has the goods with a 77.4 kWh battery as featured in the Ioniq 5 and 6, and which is soon to power the high-performance Ioniq 5 N. Whether the production version of the electric super coupe would retain its torque-vectoring wheel motors or use the front and rear axle motors from the Ioniq 5 is unknown.

As we’re still awaiting official confirmation from Hyundai, the project is subject to conjecture, but there have been major hints dropped by Hyundai bosses. “I hate doing show cars and then—nothing,” Chief Creative Officer Luck Donckerwolke told Top Gear. “We are serious about this. This could come into production. We have the platform—it’s a motorsport platform,” he added.

Meanwhile Money Today suggests that the new car would bring back the Pony name to the Hyundai range, after all it is the 1974 Giorgetto Giugiaro-design Pony Coupe which inspired the N Vision 74. That said, it won’t be mass-produced like the original Pony, with Donckerwolke saying that it would be a “limited series” halo car for the Korean company.

Given Donckerwolke’s and higher management’s desires hopefully the wildly-aggressive drift-scene-meets-1980s design won’t change much. “There is nothing unfeasible about this car. It’s pure. We’re hoping and we’re working and it’s only a matter of the right constellation,” said Donckerwolke.

Just as soon as the Pony’s gallop back onto the road is confirmed we’ll let you know.

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    Money Today misreported. While the N Vision 74 is gorgeous, it’s release has been debunked by multiple outlets.

    Debunked weeks ago. The original article claims the car will be announced may 27th, which has come and gone.

    Battery motor, ugghhh. Not interested. Combustion motor? Intrigued. Price and availability?

    It’s most likely going to be a SK exclusive with very few making it over. Electric makes sense for them since we are talking about roughly the state of Indiana for the entire landmass of the country. Oh, and unlike the US they properly tax all of their citizens and heavily invest in infrastructure.

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