Hot Wheels R/C Tesla Cybertruck might be the hottest holiday gift of 2020

It may be a couple of years before Tesla’s faceted pickup is ready for full-scale production, but you can still have an all-electric Cybertruck in time for Christmas this year for just $400. The catch is that it’s from Hot Wheels, although it is a much larger 1:10-scale than you may be used to from the storied toy collectible brand.

Like the real-deal Cybertruck, the Hot Wheels version will be all-electric, all-wheel-drive, and feature a telescoping tailgate that doubles as a loading ramp. There are even working headlights and taillights on the radio-controlled off-road miniature. It’s capable of 250 mph scale speed, which works out to (let us double-check the math) 25 mph. That’s not too bad.

The 9.9-volt, 3300mAh battery promises a 1:1 charge/run time, which full-size Teslas blow out of the water, of course. However, this version will make it much easier to remove the entire battery and swap a fully charged replacement in seconds. Is this a not-so-subtle indication from Elon Musk that Tesla is having another go at its battery swap plan? No. Relax, it’s a toy.

Hot Wheels promises that “every functioning detail will blow your mind” and we’ve gotta say that the company seems to have delivered on everything fans could have asked for, including a “reusable cracked window vinyl sticker” so that you can celebrate one of the greatest/most-awkward moments in recent auto show history.

The price tag for this off-road R/C is $400, and Hot Wheels only mentioned that production is limited. Exactly how limited isn’t yet clear. You can place your order now for an expected mid-December 2020 ship time, which means this could be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season this year.

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