Honda Mean Mower hits 100 mph in record 6.29 seconds

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend all day riding around on a slow lawn mower. Or maybe you do—and that’s fine—but for those of us who sweat high-test on a hot summer’s day, Honda is back with another iteration of the Mean Mower. The latest speed record proves this beheader-of-grass is king of the hill—and the holder of a record 6.29-second 0–100-mph run (for a lawn mower).

How fast could a lawn mower mow if a lawn mower was on a race track? It doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as smoothly or as quickly as the Mean Mower rips through the gears. This latest record entailed stunt driver Jess Hawkins running the “prototype” mower in back-to-back acceleration runs to 100 mph.

The “prototype” designation is likely a bit generous here, as the Mean Mower utilizes the cowling from the production HF2622 mower and… not much else. The powerplant is sourced from the Honda powersports lineup, plucked right from the aluminum frame of the CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle. It has 200 hp on tap and a totally custom chassis that’s up to the task.

The 6.29-second 0–100-mph sprint is averaged between two runs in opposing directions, and fully certified by Guinness World Records. This isn’t the first time Honda has set a record with the Mean Mower, either. In 2014, it set the top speed record at 116 mph. Though unofficial, Honda claims the latest record attempt also showcased the Mean Mower achieving 150 mph on the track’s front straight.

Honda doesn’t mention if the mower deck is still functional, even at slower speeds, but we can dream, right? I’m sure my neighbors would love if I slipped on my helmet Saturday morning and fired this beast up. At least I wouldn’t be out there long.

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