Honda app aims to make teens better drivers


How do you convince teens to put down their phones and focus on their driving? By giving them a smartphone app, of course.

Initially it might seem a counter-intuitive move, but by connecting the driver’s phone to the car the Honda Driver Coaching app can perform real-time analysis of steering, braking, and acceleration, and provide instructions to the driver. The app includes a program of lessons, plus safety videos to watch (obviously, not while driving).

The app can also monitor daily driving, giving a score for each trip. The focus is on safety, but by gamifying sensible driving Honda hopes to motivate young drivers to improved their skills and reduce accidents.

“We created the Honda Driver Coaching app to take meaningful action to address a critical issue – that nearly one-third of U.S. traffic fatalities involve drivers under 25 years of age,” said MJ Foxley, Safety Strategy Leader of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With schools getting out and summer driving season just around the corner, we hope our new Honda Driver Coaching app can positively influence young drivers and the safety of everyone sharing the road.”

The Honda Driver Coaching is available free from the App Store and is compatible with the Honda Civic (2019-2020) , Insight (2018-2022), Accord (2018-2020) and 2023 or newer Accord, HR-V, Honda CR-V, Pilot, and Integra.

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    Wait a second… it’s June, not April 1st.

    So teen drivers need ANOTHER electronic screen to occupy their time?

    If anyone wants to help teenagers, heck; everyone; better drivers, start by simplifying all vehicle’s displays.

    The G.O.D. (good old days) gave us radios and cigarette lighters as distractions.
    Today, it’s more like playing a video game, just to accomplish what were once basic, obvious tasks, and with a considerable learning curve attached.

    Oh yeah — I worked as an in-car Driving Instructor.

    Here’s a cool idea Honda, encourage a parent or other experienced driver to accompany the young driver on errands and trips. In person. in real time. In all kinds of weather conditions.

    So does this app give you tips while driving and thereby distracting you from what you need to do? I hope not. Either way what does this app do that other apps don’t already do besides have Honda branding on it.

    The app should be that your phone works for nothing more than GPS and phone calls while you are in the drivers seat. And hands free calls would be great. Dorks texting/ facebooking/ facetiming etc. while driving is out of control. Makes you look stupid staring down at your phone while driving. And when the light turns green your face is looking straight down, how long until we honk at you… and you flip the bird and stomp the gas.

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