Hollywood SFX Creator Wants to Bring Tony Stark Tech to F1

John LePore

An Emmy-nominated special effects creator is developing an augmented reality app that would would make watching motorsports much more immersive.

John LePore, who describes himself as a “Futurist and Creative Leader” has previously worked on more than 25 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now wants to use his expertise to bring three dimensional racing into your living room.

LePore is working on an app for the Apple Vision Pro headset that would allow its user to see an overview of an entire race circuit seemingly projected on a flat surface, such as a coffee table. This unique perspective, which he describes as a “spatial broadcast” would “give me a God’s eye view of the entire circuit right on my coffee table,” he explains. “There’s something so appealing about an architectural model but alive and in perfect sync with the reality of unfolding thouands of miles away. I can glance back and forth between the broadcast and this miniature slice of reality, see every drivers’ precise position, compare racing lines and most of all, understand the geography of the track—something that’s almost impossible to convey on TV.”

LePore actually submitted his idea to Formula 1 in 2018, and won second prize in a tech competition, but has since developed the concept further, and believes that Apple and F1’s technology would be perfect partners. “Formula One has hyper accurate telemetry. I think we’re now in the right era for this idea. I truly believe F1 is perfectly poised to set a new standard and usher in an era of volumetric sports and beyond in these new horizons. You can create experiences that are grounded and natural, but also magical. Maybe you could even go full Tony Stark with it?”




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    I am not a hockey fan, but during the period that they were putting the little tracer on the hockey puck, I actually started watching a little hockey, because I could tell what the bleep was going on. The die-hard fans revolted, the tracer went away, and I went back to not watching hockey. I wonder if this initiative will go the same route

    Apple eh, nope. If is isn’t universally available as in on Google or Windows based tech then … Well I can’t use it.
    ‘Cause I am not converting to Apple just for this. (Or anything else for that matter)

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