Hold the Pickles! Hamburglar’s Road-Tripping in a ’Cuda


In its ongoing bid to not be ranked as the least satisfying fast food chain in America, McDonald’s has called on Hamburglar to help spread the word that the burger joint has upped its game.

Last year, the chefs at Micky D’s started “cooking up small but tasty improvements” to the burger lineup, from the basic Hamburger all the way up to the primo Big Mac. The taste sensations include, but aren’t limited to: “softer, pillowy buns that are freshly toasted, perfectly melted cheese that will make you savor every last bit off the wrapper, and juicier, caramelized flavor from adding white onions to the patties while they’re still on the grill.” Mmm-mm.

With Mayor McCheese headlong into his re-election campaign, Ronald McDonald buried in his obligations as a worldwide fast food ambassador/role model, and Grimace just completely untrustworthy to get the job done, company execs have called on Hamburglar, a common criminal, to deliver the news. And they even gave him a sweet, custom ride.

1970 Plymouth Cuda McDonald's Hamburglar interior
Hot burgers for everyone. McDonald's

In fact, the Burgercuda is a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that looks a lot like Hamburglar, with a white-and-black paint job and matching seats with custom Hamburglar headrests. Rather than spare change, gum wrappers, and hair stuck to old candy, in the console you’ll find a hidden burger warmer, which was not on the Mopar options list when new and is not, best we can tell, offered through Direct Connection. Other “burger-loving details” include bun-like hubcaps and a spare tire that looks like a huge cheeseburger. Hamburglar’s signature utterance, “RBL RBL,” can be found on the hood scoop and the vanity plates.

Of course, there’s a contest aspect to the whole thing, because who doesn’t love winning free burgers, especially when they’re juicier than ever and wrapped in pillowy buns? Hamburglar will be driving the Burgercuda coast to coast, and anyone who spots it can scan a code on the car to get free stuff, like a gift card (or Arch Card in McD’s parlance) and Hamburglar swag.

Although the Burgercuda is just one of 284 million cars on the road, you’ll know it when you see it. “We’re excited for fans to join in on the fun as they look for him on his burger-stealing spree,” says McDonald’s chief marketing and customer experience officer Tariq Hassan. “You never know where he’ll pop up next.” Keep your eyes peeled, folks. And do report back to us on the taste of those new burgers.

McDonald's Hamburglar




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