Here are the features you get on an entry-level $59,995 C8 Corvette

The introduction of the C8 Corvette came with the key component we were anxious to hear—a mid-engine layout. Chevy also snuck in a big one with the starting price under $60,000. What does a sub-$60k mid-engine performance car have for standard features? Chevrolet just announced the specs.

Once the mid-rear engine layout was confirmed, the next debate became pricing and options—something Chevrolet knew was going to be a hot-button issue.

“Most people thought when we moved the Corvette to mid-engine it would no longer be attainable, but we knew we couldn’t mess with a winning formula and the 2020 Stingray proves it,” said Brian Sweeney, Chevrolet U.S. vice president, in a statement.

By keeping the new C8 in the same realm as the outgoing C7 generation, Chevrolet is also keeping the Corvette’s “everyman sportscar” status. With all the innovation and R&D underneath the C8’s skin, it surely means the entry 1LT package is going to skimp on features, right? From the looks of things, not really.

C8 corvette trim package details

The 1LT package keeps the sticker price under $60,000, before destination fees, but still features desirable items like eight-way power leather seats, Brembo brakes, drive mode selection, paint-matched removable roof panel, and a 10-speaker Bose stereo. Chevrolet goes so far as to say the 1LT is the purest, lightest Stingray, while still offering plenty of equipment. That said, that’s a bit of a stretch considering there is a lot of weight in power seats and 10-speaker stereos.

Checking the 2LT box on the C8 order form requires an additional $7300 but nets more interior color options, heated and ventilated seats, an additional four speakers to the Bose stereo (total count 14), and a head-up display to the already-lengthy LT1 list. Of course, 3LT adds just a bit more by wrapping the instrument panel with leather, adding suede microfiber trim accents, and chunkier GT2 seats. For that Chevrolet tacks on $11,950, bringing the total to $71,945.

“We’ve packed a lot of performance into the Corvette Stingray at this price when you consider an eight-speed dual clutch transmission, small block V-8 and engine-mounted dry sump oil system are all standard,” said Tadge Juechter, Corvette executive chief engineer.

We agree, and though there will likely only be a few of the 1LT package amongst the early orders, it is hard to argue with the performance per dollar.

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