Busch cut Kevin Harvick’s car into 40 special-edition beer cans

Despite its sophisticated technology, insane power, and astronomical price, Kevin Harvick’s No. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford is just a tin can. Forty of them, to be exact. And now you can own one.

Busch Beer, which as any true fan knows is the official beer of NASCAR, joined Harvick to celebrate the brewer’s 40 years in the sport by creating 40 special edition beer cans made from one of Harvick’s wickedly fast Fords. Fans can win one through Busch’s Car2Can charitable campaign by answering a few trivial questions during the Daytona 500 on February 17.

Harvick, 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion and two-time Xfinity Series champ, eagerly signed on because he thought the idea was “a great way to connect with the fans.”

Busch Beer nascar cans
Busch Beer

Considering that a NASCAR body shell is about half sheet metal, half carbon fiber, and wrapped in vinyl, creating the cans—which also are half metal, half carbon—proved to be quite a trick. “Draw forming is a sheet metal forming process where you stretch the sheet metal over a shape,” explains a designer from Factioned, which led the build. “So doing that in a way that didn’t completely shred the vinyl was a real challenge.”

Harvick autographed every can. Busch is auctioning the first of them, and Harvick will match all proceeds from the sale. All the money will go to the community initiative Keep America Beautiful.

Want a can? Follow @BuschBeer on Twitter, watch the Daytona 500 on February 17, and answer the onscreen trivia questions (via Twitter) while including the hashtags #Car2Can and #BuschContest. You’ll never drive a like Harvick, but with a little luck, you could own a piece of his car, which is almost as cool.

Busch Beer harvick nascar cans
Busch Beer
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