SCCA TrackNight offers 130 events, plus a discount

SCCA’s “Track Night In America” program has broken all the open-lapping rules, experiencing tremendous success along the way. Now the program is bigger—and, for HDC members, cheaper—than ever. In 2019, Hagerty Driver’s Club members will have the chance to drive on tracks across the country, from Palm Beach to Portland, with Memphis and Topeka along the way, for less than 200 bucks per evening.

If you’ve never been to a trackday, “TNiA” will blow your mind. You’ll have the chance to take your street car (and, with just a few exceptions, we do mean “car”—leave your 4Runner or F-450 at home) around a road course with the help of SCCA instructors, who will be ahead of you in a “lead car.” This is where TrackNight differs from most programs; there’s no instructor in the passenger seat. You’re expected to be a grownup and follow the car ahead of you at a safe distance. If you need individual help, however, an SCCA coach will be available to set you straight.

SCCA track night
Ford Focus crossing the finish line

Intermediate and experienced drivers have their own sessions, with different rules, so you never have to worry about having a fully-prepped race car haunting your mirrors while you’re searching for the pit-lane entrance. The program’s record of safety is exemplary, for all levels of participants, and there are plenty of chances to interact with, and learn from, the SCCA TrackNight team, which includes several well-known racers and time-trial superstars.

What do you need to participate in TrackNight? Check out the SCCA site for a list of locations, requirements, and program dates. And if you’re worried about denting your pride and joy, take heart—not only do Hagerty Driver’s Club members get a $25 discount on each and every event, you can join the SCCA at a TrackNight and receive a 30-percent discount on track day insurance.

Before you start your TrackNight adventure, we should take a moment to notify you of the following: a significant percentage of TrackNight participants will go on to compete in the SCCA Time Trial Nationals series. Participation in Time Trial Nationals can lead to: obsessive car prep, endless parts shopping, unlimited consumption of Ross Bentley instructional videos, and bewildering patterns of sunburn. Consider yourself warned!

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