Hagerty launches program for classic car owners to offset carbon emissions

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Hagerty recognizes that while most classic and collectible cars have a minimal impact on the environment due to their limited use, they still have a carbon footprint associated with getting the most enjoyment out of driving them. An increasing number of owners and enthusiasts are interested in ways to minimize their impact on the environment while continuing to enjoy owning and driving them. As the world’s largest membership organization for car lovers, we want to be a catalyst for positive change across the issues that matter to our members, the broader automotive community, and the planet at large. We are proud to announce ECO, a voluntary Enthusiast Carbon Offset program to help motorists that want to reduce the carbon footprint of their collectible vehicles in an easy and transparent way. ECO is a way to educate and empower enthusiasts to drive positive change with environmental activities. In short, drivers can choose to pay to have trees planted to offset the carbon emissions from their miles driven. Hagerty will lead the way, offsetting all emissions from our classic fleet and driving events.

Hagerty believes the love of driving and the love of our planet can coexist. The number of enthusiasts concerned with the future of our environment continues to increase. We have made a long-term commitment to educating ourselves and our members on the best ways to improve their vehicles and driving habits to lessen the overall impact on the environment. At the same time, we will respect any of our members who are not quite ready to engage in these efforts.

How It Works

ECO will allow members to discover their annual CO2 emissions by entering their vehicle’s type and the mileage they want to offset into a web-based emissions calculator. It will measure your vehicle’s carbon footprint and give you the option to make a one-off or monthly contribution to offset it. The funds are used to plant enough trees to offset multiple times your CO2 emissions, leaving you to enjoy your passion sustainably. The calculator helps owners recognize their vehicle’s impact and allows them to offset multiple times its CO2 emissions by planting trees locally (in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K.). The website is run by Chrome Carbon, which partners with certified climate bodies and organizations to fund highly ranked reforestation and carbon reduction projects with real and measurable gains.

Planting trees is one of the most impactful and affordable ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and restoring natural habitats, according to scientists. Chrome Carbon partners with organizations working closely with national forest agencies, local forest experts, and farmers, making sure that the right trees are planted and looked after in the most relevant locations.

The deep emotional connection we have with our cars doesn’t have to be compromised to contribute to a better future. We understand that this doesn’t appeal to everyone, and that’s ok. It’s a highly personal choice. For those that choose, the program is available in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Hagerty’s ECO program is about demonstrating the power of this collective passion to help preserve something beautiful and worthwhile for the next generation.

For example:

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A classic car that drives 1,000 miles per year while returning 15 mpg would need 27 trees planted to offset the emissions at a total cost to you of $33.70. (Hagerty does not earn any money from this program)

There is definitely a push to curtail tailpipe emissions with some even hoping to phase out gas and diesel vehicles. Hagerty is always monitoring how mandates may affect the hobby we love and never want to go away. However, we do know that classic cars do pollute, so this program at least gives us the option to do something about it. Newer cars have a host of technological advances and new components that create far fewer grams of carbon dioxide per gallon. In the end, classic cars contribute a minuscule amount to the climate, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about it.

We envision a future in which great cars always have a place on the road. The average classic car insured with Hagerty is driven 2,212 miles per year, and we want to keep it that way.

Hagerty’s ECO program is available to any driver (at their expense) interested in offsetting the carbon emissions associated with driving their vehicle. Click here to learn more and try the emissions calculator. The Enthusiast Carbon Offset program is just one of the many ways Hagerty is using business as a force for good. Here are some of our other priorities and strategies for driving a positive impact in the world.

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    No thank I do not participate in these programs.

    When those who go around telling me to go green do so themselves I will drive as I please what I please, where I please.

    Mr Gore and Mr Kerry can lead by example and go after China and India before going after my well tuned car that I enjoy. They also can park their private jets.

    I want clean air and environment but I also see so many scams and lies behind many of these agendas.

    When did Hagerty go from a (good) insurance company to a mediocre anything but? I’ll be shopping my collector car policies around come renewal this spring.

    What is a “carbon footprint”, and why does my car have one?

    Hagarty must be kidding. I don’t drive my collectibles 2000 miles a year, total between all. Further, they all have operative catalytic converters, and are kept in good tune; I believe them to be nearly as “clean” as they were when new – which was the law of the land then. Until ocean-going vessels (and third-world countries) do something about their extreme pollution, I am not going to worry about my “three drops of water in the ocean” cars.

    WTF. If i want, I can plant a tree myself. I don’t need my car insurance company to be involved in any way. This is the start of ESG crap. They are doing a trial run to see how this goes before this kind of crap becomes required for us to comply. F off.

    I’m in favour of saving the planet. I’m in favour of (intelligent) carbon cap and trade systems to create the right incentives. And I’m in favour of consumers doing their own individual part, including buying offsets for things that matter (such as air travel).

    HOWEVER, what I’m not OK with is the treatment of classic cars (where appropriate) as anything other than a SANE decision (as a daily driver) to REDUCE greenhouse emissions.

    I drive a 1990 Corolla as my only vehicle, at my current rate of driving I’d need to drive it for 32 years before I output the same volume of greenhouse emissions as what it takes to manufacture the average new vehicle. Why doesn’t Hagerty offer carbon offsets for buying a new vehicle?

    People hate the inconvenient truth and always just looking for something else to blame that doesn’t affect them.

    What I’m not OK with is targeting groups

    “Hagerty’s ECO program is available to any driver (at their expense) interested in offsetting the carbon emissions associated with driving their vehicle.”

    seriously a bunch of commenters who didn’t read an article! wow.

    I’m glad Hagerty chose to do this and cares about the environment!

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