Greek hypercar maker promises Chaos

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Spyros Panapoulos

Greek automotive engineer Spyros Panopoulos has teased a disruptive “Ultra Car” that is, perhaps appropriately, named Chaos.

Panapoulos and his Athen’s-based firm has previously manufactured components for the military and specialized in lightweight material for automotive applications, from turbochargers to connecting rods and pistons. Now the team is applying its skills to a whole car for the first time.

Project Chaos is a two-seater super sports car. Its four-liter V10 features a billet aluminum block and cylinder heads, dry sump lubrication, 20 fuel injectors, 40 valves, titanium camshafts and Inconel valves. The twin turbochargers are carbon fiber and titanium. Panapoulos claims two stages of tune, the lowest being 2000 hp with an 11,000-rpm redline. The stage two version revs to 12000 rpm and produces 3000 hp. Drive goes to all four wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.


The monocoque chassis is Zylon polymer and clothed in body panels made from carbon fiber and Kevlar. The wheels are 3D printed in titanium. Ceramic disc brakes are fitted and the suspension is double wishbones all around.

Inside, the cabin apparently utilizes augmented reality to feed information to the driver.

Panapoulos told Greek Reporter: “Chaos is not a racing car; it is a city car, a car for everyday, only with more sophisticated performance. We want it to be suitable for the everyday commute and for all categories of drivers, as it will be easy to configure for use anywhere between 500 and 3000 horses.”

Panapoulos said he intends to have Chaos ready to unleash on the public in 2021 when we’ll find out whether or not it’s just another Greek myth.

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