Golf cart chassis, landspeeder body, and jet engines: What could go wrong?

When Colin Furze first went about building a Star Wars landspeeder, he had plans of motoring around with a small battery pack. The three jets on the rear of the chassis were merely for show. However, Furze couldn’t leave well enough alone. We talked about the build process of this project last week, where he teased a second video driving the finished project, which has now been posted to Furze’s YouTube account.

The project looked awesome in raw form, but the paint job and a few other small details really wrapped up the look. The X34 features all-metal construction underneath the coat of paint. Personally, instead of painting the landspeeder, I had hoped he would just park it outside and let it oxidize naturally. Instead, he went with the same paint scheme as the model. No matter.

After proving the landspeeder could function under boring electric power, Furze give the machine an infusion of jet fuel. That’s right, the British madman fitted the craft with an honest-to-goodness jet engine. It is a little jet, but jet engines seem to be a bit like firearms in that a small one can pack a surprising punch. Sure, it still seems fairly slow compared to a few of Furze’s other projects, but it’s a jet-powered landspeeder in real life. That is inherently awesome.

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