GMC video shows the Hummer EV’s Crab Mode, teases October 20 reveal

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We’ve finally got a date for the Hummer EV reveal. We’ll see the full Hummer EV on October 20. In the meantime, GMC has given us another video that sheds some light on the Crab Mode it has mentioned previously.

The video, released on September 14, shows a crab hightailing it across the beach in the path of an oncoming Hummer EV pickup. The next shot, of the Hummer’s center stack IP, shows the crab icon, previously tweeted by GM employees, followed by a composite 360-degree view of the truck with “Hold to Engage,” along with the crab icon with “Crabwalk” right across its pincers.

We finally see what Crab Mode is all about when the next shot reveals the three wheels of the Hummer EV that are visible all turn in the same direction. We weren’t sure whether Crab Mode would utilize four-wheel steering or a zero-turn-radius option like a skid-steer by differentiating wheel rotation on the right and left side. The maneuverability offered by four-wheel-steering is going to be a huge benefit to a truck like the Hummer EV, as anyone that’s driven off-road in a full-size vehicle could attest.

GM has offered four-wheel steering on pickups and SUVs in the past, but the Quadrasteer option was pricey and not terribly popular. It seems fitting that the option, which made its debut in the 2002 Sierra Denali, would make its return on another high-end GMC pickup.

We’re eagerly awaiting the October 20 reveal and are sure that GMC has a few more tricks up its sleeve for the full unveiling.

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