GMC Sierra EV pickup to launch as $107,000 Denali


We told you about the Chevrolet Silverado EV last January, and now comes details about GMC’s version of the Ultium-platformed electric truck: Some of what you will read here about the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will be familiar to those who read that story about the Silverado EV, and for that matter, the GMC Hummer EV, also built on the Ultium platform, which allows designers and engineers to re-configure the battery pack to adapt to new vehicles.

What’s different with the electric GMC Sierra Denali—the only edition of a GMC electric pickup until the 2025 model year—is how the company styled the all-wheel-drive truck with all-new body panels and a unique front and rear. Headlights and taillights are brackets made from LEDs; at startup, the headlights do what GMC calls an “animated choreography,” which is what most pickup owners want: More choreography. The inside is unique to the electric Denali as well, with a diagonal touchscreen that measures nearly 17 inches, along with another 11-inch driver information center.

Under the hood (oops! Hard habit to break) there’s plenty to celebrate: 754 horsepower, 785 pound-feet of torque, and 400 miles of range. Zero to 60 mph comes in less than 4.5 seconds (you will want to activate the “propulsion sound” for that). It will tow 9500 pounds.

Like the Silverado EV, the electric Denali has a midgate that allows you to extend the bed inward inside the body by opening a hatch beneath the rear window. The bed alone is five feet, 11 inches long; open the midgate and it extends to over nine feet, and fold down the rear seat completely and you can carry something that’s 10 feet, 10 inches long. You can just open one side, and have room for a lone rear-seat passenger. Payload is 1300 pounds.

2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition front three-quarter

The Denali EV has four-wheel steer, and it can “crabwalk” sideways like the Hummer EV. Like the Silverado EV, the electric Denali has a charging system that offers up to 10 120/240 outlets and a total of 10.2 kW of electricity, if you get the PowerBase option. PowerBase will power a house, GMC says, for up to seven days, and household “essentials” for up to 21 days. Using a DC fast charger, you will be able to add 100 miles to the range in 10 minutes.

2024 Sierra EV Denali Edition ceiling

Inside, there’s a panoramic fixed-glass roof, quilted seating, open-pore wood trim; it all looks very inviting. Outside, it’s a handsome vehicle, sitting up high on 24-inch tires and wheels.

It all comes at a handsome price, too: About $107,000, GMC says. In the 2025 model year there will be an Elevation EV model that starts around $50,000 and an AT4 EV model in-between, targeted at the off-road market.

The order banks opened at 5 p.m. today for the GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1. Expect delivery in early 2024.

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    Looks neat, but in the world of fantastic EV claims, they are getting kind of crazy.

    21 days of home essentials? What’s that?

    From GM media:

    ‘10Accessory charging requires a fully charged and properly equipped Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 having bidirectional charging capabilities, a properly equipped home, and proper grid interconnection. Power supply from the vehicle will keep standard essential devices and services on for up to 21 days collectively. Weather conditions, life of the battery, energy efficiency of appliances, and other external factors may impact the duration of time. Results may vary. Length of time may vary depending on energy usage (7.7 kWh).’

    We have LED lighting. We use about 1.3 kW per day.

    I think my fridge and freezer are essential. They consume 5.6 kW per day. (Tested with a energy monitor device for 60 days and averaged)

    A/C is pretty important here. One small window unit, 6 kW per day.

    The 400 mile range is inflated, at best.
    $100k for a BEV show piece or $100k 3/4 ton diesel?

    I drove 320 miles towing 7,000 lbs today, no fill-up required mid-trip.

    If these BEV trucks could even come close, the manufacturers would be talking their utility non-stop.

    As far as powering my house for 21 days? Double that, with AC, lights, fridge/freezer, TV, and fans – then we can talk.

    ICE for the win. Again.

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