Get lost anywhere with this Ariel Nomad

English carmaker Ariel came up with this all-terrain riot on wheels in 2015—its third product following the track-focused Atom and the (also Honda-powered) Ace motorcycle. Built around an exoskeletal chassis just like the Atom, the Nomad packs Honda’s naturally-aspirated 2.4-liter good for 230 hp. That’s instead of a super- or turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which means just about instant throttle response and high revs. Not too shabby in something that weighs 1750 pounds.

To comply with the law, U.S. Atoms and Nomads are built by Virginia’s TMI AutoTech, and such a well-loaded 2017 Tactical-spec example is for sale on eBay with 11,000 miles already on the clock.

Finished in desert over black, it comes complete with a light bar and Warn winch, on top of the standard adjustable, remote-reservoir JRi dampers, six-speed manual gearbox, limited-slip differential and tuned Honda engine. And with its fancy windshield and removable fabric roof, it’s more than ready for the wild trip you just started thinking of, in exchange for a cool Buy It Now price of $69,900.

That’s not exactly what you could call a cheap thrill, but on the other hand, there’s nothing quite like the Nomad.

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