Life’s Better in a Classic: Gas card giveaway winners

Hagerty Classic Cars magazine received more than 1,500 story submissions in our gas card giveaway contest from classic car owners and enthusiasts, telling us why life’s better in a classic. The top 100 stories were selected based on those that received the most comments and “thumbs up,” and it’s time to reveal the winners of those 100 $50 gift cards, who will receive some carefree summer cruising on us.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Greg L.: 1970 44s Pace Car
  2. Tim S.: 2 dogs, a 6-month-old and a wife cross-country
  3. Diane T.: 38 years later
  4. Mike E.: ’67 Black Beauty
  5. Carlo L.: A Day at the drags
  6. Paul G.: A Fireman and his son
  7. Karla M.: A little girl’s love for her Aunt and Uncle and their cars
  8. Thomas H.: All the way back home
  9. Michael F.: An extraordinary life
  10. J.W. M.: A special wedding present indeed
  11. Blaine P.: A wedding to remember
  12. Tanner F.: Best birthday present ever
  13. Larry L.: Dad loved convertibles and so do I
  14. Corey K.: Dad races in the family car
  15. Michael J.: Daughter’s special 16th birthday
  16. Jack D.: Do you want a $5 room or a $7 room?
  17. Michael S.: Dreamt of a 1969 Chevelle and woke up with a 1969 Caprice
  18. Carrie S.: Driving the Bat Mobile
  19. Larry K.: For you, Dad, and thank you
  20. Don F.: From Fire to Fireball
  21. Jerry M.: In memory of my dad, George Morgan, who restored this Morgan
  22. Brian R.: Just in time
  23. Nicole K.: Little girl’s dream
  24. John C.: Long live the M151!
  25. Steve B.: 1st day, best day
  26. Anthony O.: Marry me and my car
  27. Jennifer Z.: Mom’s Taxi aka Bad A$$ Alert!
  28. Paul B.: Moments of joy
  29. Wade J.: More cancer miracles will happen thanks to a special car
  30. Bill S.: My brand new bride helped get our Model A back on the road
  31. Tom H.: My car is for me
  32. Bob H.: My cool mom in her 1963 Corvette
  33. Sandy H.: My first and last wife
  34. Jeff L.: My first drag race
  35. Colbie M.: Ol’ Blue – ranch truck
  36. Scott O.: Old times are not forgotten
  37. Peggy W.: “Shifty” business
  38. Joel B.: “You’re grounded for the summer!”
  39. Larry K.: Restorer in Training – life father, like son
  40. Steve K.: Retirement gift shocker
  41. Lynelle R.: Smokin’ for the parade
  42. Debi N.: Son and mom restoration project
  43. Patrick G.: Strangest things can happen on the way to see Springsteen
  44. John W.: Surprise award
  45. David B.: Tears of joy
  46. David B.: The best, the worst and the beautiful
  47. Nicole C.: The Cougar should honestly be our family crest at this point
  48. Scott D.: The day my tires got a parking ticket
  49. Kay B.: The loss of the love of my life and how he lives on now
  50. Hank S.: The night of Y2K
  51. David S.: The one that got away and came back
  52. Charlie P.: The steering wheel is broken
  53. Bill E.: The Sunday drives
  54. Brian K.: The U.S. Army and my 1962 Thunderbird
  55. Neil L.: Two rare 1972 442 Olds Cutlasses
  56. Craig H.: When a 1974 Buick Century is cooler than a Ferrari
  57. Ben C.: Young, dumb and full of rust
  58. Gerald S.:  A little boy who made me smile
  59. Joe V.: Ann’s Birthday
  60. Byron E.: Hot August Nights, Reno, NV
  61. Linda M.: Learning to drive a stick shift
  62. Mack B.: Let’s do a burnout
  63. Paul S.: My first car … at age 12!
  64. Mark R.: My first convertible
  65. Chuck H.: On wheels of love for my Dad
  66. Andrew S.: Show up in style
  67. Ashford M.: That red ragtop
  68. Terry K.: The Flying Riviera – my favorite car
  69. Dayl T.: 12 years old and cruising
  70. Jim C.: Actor’s 1966 Thunderbird a star to nephew
  71. Evan B.: My unique first car
  72. Frank F.: “But Officer, I wasn’t driving!”
  73. Barry M.: Rusty Bucket, one HOT RIDE!!!
  74. John P.: Take it to Sturgis
  75. Howard S.: The car that changed everything
  76. Ken M.: The Healey that got away
  77. James C.: The one that got away found its way home again
  78. Laura V.:  The “hows, whys and oh mys!” of my restoration process!!
  79. Russ A.: Model Ambrose
  80. Jeff W.: Mom’s valentine
  81. Paul A.: The cars get us together, but the people keep us together
  82. Dennis J.: Cross-country with Kilgore Trout
  83. Seamus H.: First car at 18yo … 1 year later
  84. Dave C.: Manx for the memories
  85. Mike M.: Me, Dad and Grandma, and a real-life car chase in Hollywood
  86. James R.: Pop’s “return to Sorrento”
  87. Ronda H.: Ronda’s dream
  88. Robert G.: Wow – reunited with my lucky charm
  89. Kim D.: Freeze frame
  90. Dan T.: It took a father and son and made them into best friends
  91. Michele M.: Let’s hear it for a girl
  92. Victor V.: Me and the B
  93. Ned N.: My love affair with Ford Mustang convertibles
  94. Virginia B.: Our ’56 through our 48 years together
  95. Harold H.: Yesterday when I was young
  96. Howard B.: Living a dream
  97. Coleen F.: Oh please, Baby
  98. Duke M.: There are reasons for preserving the past
  99. Kathleen K.: The Seductress
  100. Loreen M.: Why does my face hurt?
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