Four-door Mustang rumors swirl, along with whispers of a turbo V-8

Following a recent dealer backgrounder, there is rumor afoot that Ford will add a four-door Mustang to its lineup. Details are scarce, but Mustang forum is reporting that the four-door pony would use a turbocharged V-8 and push way upmarket to square off against the Porsche Panamera.

While the Mustang platform has historically been strictly a two-door affair, a more-door design could work in the context Ford’s future plans to move the Mustang to a shared, modular platform and add the option of all-wheel drive. Early murmurs are of a turbo V-8 seem unlikely given that the V-8’s appeal is that it’s naturally aspirated, but it might work for a more luxury-focused model that’s not trying to be a pure sports car.

The rumor suggests the longer and more practical ‘Stang would have the Porsche Panamera in its crosshairs, but that could be a stretch. The Audi A7 might be a more realistic target. Detroit manufactures have often struggled to deliver sales from big, sporty, upmarket-focused sedans (just look at the Chevrolet SS or Pontiac G8), but the Dodge Charger has managed to live a long and fulfilled life on the shoulders of its base model and AWD platform sales.

The Future is Built Ford Proud Mustang

With the hybrid Mustang on the horizon, as well as a Mustang-inspired EV crossover in the works, Ford could be re-envisioning the Mustang as a kind of sub-brand for performance- and style-conscious buyers.

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