Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover debuts November 17

Ford announced today that its long-teased electric crossover will be unveiled on November 17, just ahead of the 2019 Los Angeles auto show.

The vehicle will be the first electric Ford crossover and the first of 16 planned all-electric vehicles that the Blue Oval says it will offer by 2022. This massive product offensive is backed by a whopping $11.1-billion investment that was announced in the fall of 2017.

The teaser photo from the announcement doesn’t betray much, but there are a few tasty bits to chew on. Chief among them is the roofline seemingly lifted from the current-gen Mustang—no surprise given that Ford has been keen to indicate this will be a “Mustang-inspired electric crossover,” words I never thought I’d hear strung together. And when you consider the previously-teased triple taillights and Lite-Brite pony badge up front, it’s likely that this vehicle will be branded as some kind of Mustang.

The Future is Built Ford Proud Mustang

Ford had previously indicated the crossover would be called the “Mach 1” which, rightfully, angered enough fans that the company seems to have backed away from that idea. Since then, there have been rumors the e-pony could be called the “Mach E.” You can’t see it, but my eyes are rolling a lot.

Like most electric vehicles, it will probably be quick. Bill Ford said that it will “Go Like Hell,” conveniently borrowing a phrase from the famous book depicting the Ford vs. Ferrari saga in the late 60’s on racing’s greatest stage. (That story is headed for the big-screen later next month.)

Ford’s engineers are reportedly targeting around 300 miles of range for the new vehicle. They appear to be well on that path, having managed 370 miles on the European Union’s testing cycle this past spring. The platform underpinning the car is one of the five previously announced architectures from which Ford will base all of its vehicles on moving forward.

Mustang inspired EV crossover

I just really hope they don’t call it a Mustang. Look—I get it. These all-new vehicles need to be anchored somewhere within the manufacturer’s portfolio to hold any appeal for the general public. But do we have to do this to the Mustang? Maybe start fresh with a new nameplate for a new-generation powertrain? If this EV crossover isn’t every bit as wicked as Mustang GT, it’ll sully perhaps the most iconic nameplate in American automotive history with loose attribution and side-step phrasing. “Inspired” by the Mustang. Uh huh.

I really hope I’m wrong, but we’ll all have to wait until November 17 to be sure.

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