Ford’s EV crossover is called the Mustang Mach-E

Welp, it’s official. The newest stablemate in the Mustang family—the all-electric, “Mustang-inspired” crossover—will be called the Mustang Mach-E.

This vehicle has been a longtime coming—it was first teased at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show alongside the first public unveiling of the original Bullitt Mustang. Over the ensuing months, Ford has been slowly trickling information out about the car ever since. 

We know that this is the first round in a salvo of 16 planned all-electric vehicles to come from Dearborn by 2022. The bevy of EV’s is part of Ford’s $11.1-billion investment in electrification. Ford has gone as far as to brand the team that has been formed to work exclusively on electrifying their vehicle lineup, calling it Team Edison. That group is responsible for solving EV-related challenges like the need for a noise to alert pedestrians of an otherwise silent vehicle’s approach.

Back to the pony in question—it’s slated to debut in full on November 17 at the Los Angeles Auto show. We’ve already seen minimally camouflaged versions of the car riding around near Dearborn, so we’ve got a pretty decent idea of the lines on the car already. 

Mustang-inspired Electric Crossover Leak
Brian Williams / Spiedbilde
Mustang-inspired Electric Crossover Leak
Brian Williams / Spiedbilde

Bill Ford himself said that the vehicle will “go like hell”, which, as we’ve previously written, is the name of the book on which the movie depicting Ford’s titanic battle with Ferrari in the mid-60’s is based. This sentiment has now been echoed by some of Ford’s celebrity brand ambassadors, like master-hoonigan Ken Block.

Ford engineers are reportedly shooting for 300 miles of range, which appears to be well within the Mach-E’s capabilities. Earlier this year, on the European Union’s test cycle, an early version of the Mach-E managed 370 miles.

The vehicle will ride on one of the five new architectures upon which Ford will base all its vehicles moving forward. Currently, our beloved pony car rides on a bespoke platform, but that’s apparently going to change for 2021. The Mustang is set for a major redesign at that time, and with the new car will come the shift onto one of the five previously mentioned architectures. With that shift, developments like an all-wheel-drive Mustang and a hybrid version are in the works.

What do you think about the choice to use the Mach-E name? Is it sacrilegious, or smart? Let us know in the Hagerty Forums.

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