The second “Ford v Ferrari” trailer is getting us even more hyped

Just the mention of the Ford v Ferrari movie, which chronicles the development and history behind one of the most iconic Fords of all time, is enough to pique most gearheads’ interest. 20th Century Fox has gone one further and released a second trailer for the upcoming film, and it stokes the fire of our interest yet again.

Based on A.J. Baime’s book Go Like Hell, the film is set to premiere in theatres November 15, and we can’t wait. Whether you watched the story unfold in real time or have only just caught up on the drama behind Ford’s efforts to stick it to Ferrari, this film is sure to capture your interest. Condensing a years-long battle of development and racing into a feature-length film ensures the two-or-so hours will be action-packed.

The new trailer seems to reinforce the film’s focus on the relationship between Ken Miles (Christian Bale) and Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) as they struggle to develop the GT40 in the effort to dethrone the Le Mans dynasty that Ferrari was building in the mid-1960s. The effort worked but was not without its hiccups—which should make for a fascinating film. We just hope the facts don’t get glossed over in the hunt for drama. The GT40 program was dramatic enough, so we hope the producers let the history shine and allow the racing to provide the flash and drama.

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