Ford Teases New Mustang Variant for 2025


Ford shared an image of a veiled Mustang today, on the 60th anniversary of the public launch of the brand’s iconic pony car. Not much is known, but Ford has said that the covered car previews a 2025 variant that has yet to be announced.

Our first instinct was that it might be a Cobra Jet, but the hood is too flat for that to be the case. The drag-race-only Mustang Cobra Jet has worn a cowl-induction hood of late, and that seems like it would carry on no matter the powertrain. The spoiler seems a bit small for that anyway. That still leaves plenty of options. We haven’t seen a Bullitt since the last model bowed out in 2020, the same year we saw the last Shelby GT350. The gonzo GT500 ended production in 2022, and the Mach 1, which filled in the spot in the lineup left by the Bullitt, ran from 2021 to ’23. None of those seems to be likely, however. The Dark Horse appears to have filled the Bullitt/Mach 1 niche in the Mustang hierarchy, sliding in just above the GT. We’re also not too keen on a new Shelby model just yet, as there likely would have been a ton of spy photos by now of either of the Shelby models, and we wouldn’t expect a GT500 until later in the S650’s lifespan.

There are additional trims that would work for a retro-themed special model thanks to Mustang’s deep history, including the Boss 302, which we last saw in 2013. There were also rumors that a larger-displacement, pushrod engine could be coming from the Godzilla V-8 family. Boss 415 just isn’t as cool as Boss 429, but we’d still love to see that happen. Nah, too far-fetched.

If we had to guess, we’d venture that this is something new entirely. Perhaps a performance-oriented EcoBoost model? We haven’t seen a Mustang hybrid yet, but we’d be eager to try one in the same vein as the Corvette E-Ray. Is there room under that hood to package a motor driving the front wheels? Probably not, but there are still a lot of possibilities.

Do you have a guess for what this future Mustang variant might be? Let us know in the comments.


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    Considering what Ford pulled with the Mach-E, it could be a Mustang 4-door station wagon or maybe a Mustang pickup truck.
    And Hagerty, please explain “posting too fast”

    You posted, even if it is your only one today you may get this silly error or the moderation one. It’s not a very friendly setup for posting.

    No kidding. When I tried to post a comment on another article it took several minutes for the it to appear. In the meantime, I posted the same comment under a different user name. Sorry about that but after getting the “posting too fast” response and then not seeing my next attempt I assumed neither of those worked. Silly me…

    IIRC, years ago Ford patented a front-wheel-drive, battery-powered, electric motor set-up. This new variant could be the Mustang’s answer to Chevy’s E-ray. Mustang’s aren’t short on power, but they are short on traction.

    The area between the pillars looks rather short to me. So maybe a sporty 2-seater, recalling the original and most recent T-birds? BTW, per this 60th anniversary week, I’m lovin’ all this Mustang content, thanks!

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