Ford puts strong team behind its large electric plan

Ford has laid out some ambitious goals for its electric vehicle program, and if a recently released photo is any indication, Team Edison seems to be making progress.

Ford’s goal of 16 fully electric vehicles by 2022 is set to be energized by the all-new Mustang-inspired performance utility, set to take the streets in 2020. A target range of 300 miles is impressive, but it’s the styling that caught our attention.

The latest photo shows heavier Mustang influence than we initially expected, with the triple taillights and rear cove seemingly lifted straight from Ford’s latest model.  The roofline appears taller, stretching the greenhouse and underscoring that the intention is a utility vehicle.

The character line on the side is also seemingly lifted right from the Mustang, along with the matching muscular haunches. The heavily stylized mirrors likely won’t make it to production, but they certainly keep the overall look aggressive.

With the Mustang expected to join the shared platform in 2021, this performance utility might tell us more about the Mustang refresh as it arrives a year earlier.

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