This Ford GT needs just 1 mile to reach 300.4 mph

A Ford GT just joined the rarefied air of cars that have cracked the 300 mph barrier, peeling off 300.4 mph run in a standing mile run at The Texas Mile, in Victoria, Texas. And get this: the car is a street-legal occasional weekend driver.

The crew at M2K Milesports has been chasing the 300-mph goal for a few years now in the standing mile, an increasingly popular form a racing. It’s a bit like drag racing in that competitors start from a standstill and go flat-out, but the tracks are considerably longer. Half-mile events are common, but the sport’s pinnacle is the mile.

It takes big horsepower and slick aerodynamics to set a record in the mile, and the M2K Motorsports Ford has plenty of both. The car is based on the 2005-06 Ford GT, although they’ve made a host of mods, including a pair of turbochargers hanging from the back of the mid-mounted 5.4-liter V-8.

From the looks of the car, M2K has done little in the way of aerodynamic changes or upgrades to the GT. I guess it falls in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” category, as the car ran 293.6mph in 2017. While that last 6.4mph to reach an even 300 doesn’t seem like much, it becomes exponentially more difficult to gain speed when you’re already going this fast.  

The wildest part, by far, is that this 300-mph GT remains street legal and regularly appears at local cars and coffee events. That said, the team jokes in a Facebook video that no one wants to get stuck in traffic, given that they ditched the A/C and cabin venting.

If you see a Gulf liveried Ford GT on the highway in Texas, might be in your best interest to not challenge them to a race.

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