Ford Bronco deliveries delayed until summer 2021

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Matt Tierney

Update 12/9/2020: Automotive News reports that German supplier Webasto is a principle factor in the delays. Webasto is responsible for the Bronco’s removable roof but, due to COVID-19-related logistics, wasn’t able to outfit Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in time for the intended launch in spring of 2021.  

Ford initially projected that deliveries of the two- and four-door 2021 Bronco models would begin in the spring of next year. However, due to pandemic-related delays in the supply chain, deliveries of the Bronco will begin no earlier than June of 2021.

You might even find yourself waiting until the beginning of 2022—especially if you’ve got your heart set on a manual example with the Sasquatch package, which combines 35-inch mud-terrain Goodyears with a locking diffs at both ends. Ford confirmed that these models will now move to the 2022 model year, but as of this writing, Ford hasn’t released any projected delivery dates for these manual Sasquatches. The consumer-facing Bronco site has been updated accordingly.

ford bronco reservation delay summer 2021

However, rest assured that Ford’s pushing back the timeline to assure that your wait is worthwhile. The rest of the automotive industry—along with practically every other industry—is struggling to re-establish momentum in the wake of COVID-19-related hurdles. Rushing any model to market is unwise in general, so we hope it’s worth the wait, including Ford’s remarkably robust catalogue of accessories for the Bronco.

Dare we say it? Bronco fans need to hold onto their horses just a bit longer.

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