For $3700, Dodge will turn your Challenger into a “Paint Chip” pony


As a throwback to one of Plymouth’s most memorable advertisements from the muscle-car era, DodgeGarage is teaming up with a Detroit-based vinyl company to offer all 14 of Dodge’s High Impact colors in one rainbow-streaked wrap. From the Plum Crazy nose to the White Knuckle-coated tail, this custom scheme is sure to turn heads.

The multicolored ball started rolling earlier this summer, when Dodge wrapped a display Challenger in all 14 High Impact colors to celebrate the revival of three heritage colors (B5 Blue, Plum Crazy, and Sublime) for the coupe’s final year in production. Now, for $3700, plus installation, DodgeGarage will sell you the multi-color wrap of your very own, which can be installed by any 3M-certified installer.

Paint sample Challenger

As jarring as the saturnalia of shades may be, this aftermarket option could become collectible. For one, most Moparheads remember the advertisement and may appreciate the old-school homage. As the golden era of internal-combustion muscle fades, perhaps they will be more likely to plunk down extra cash for one of these vinyl-cloaked, nostalgic Challengers.

Also, a wrap is temporary. If this were a custom paint job, the collectibility conversation may be different. If the technicolor stripes appeal to you, fly that freak flag. Unlike that tattoo you got on spring break, you can remove this vinyl anytime, with minimal risk to your original paint.

original paint sample Cuda ad

The ad from 1970, which appeared in a Plymouth brochure, showcased the latest custom interior and exterior options in the firm’s Rapid Transit line. With the tagline “Performance alone does not a supercar make,” the ad boasted the firms’ most fashionable goodies, including the Roadrunner pinstripe, Pistol Grip shifter, and shaker hood. A 1970 Barracuda in the ad, covered in 25 vertical stripes of varying colors, touted the “latest West Coast flavors.” (Clearly, the California custom scene had major swing.)

Unlike the other hot-shot options in the advertisement, the Paint Chip ‘Cuda was an illustration. A memorable render nonetheless, Mopar man Tim Wellborn ended up commissioning a custom to match the advertisement. The Bomb Factory, a restoration shop in New Orleans took on the project of transforming the right side of a stock Ivy Green 1970 Cuda with 25 vinyl stripes. Currently, the car is on display at the Wellborn Museum for patrons to gaze on the most historic Mopar to never exist.

Should you want a similar rainbow in your driveway, you now have that option.

Mock-up paint chip Challenger
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