Fieros Forever offers free Pontiac parts to clear off land

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Facebook/Michigan Fiero Club

There was nothing the automotive community—or anyone else—could do to prevent floodwaters from wiping out Fieros Forever in Sanford, Michigan, earlier this May. Though owner Tim Evans, his wife, and the couple’s home emerged unscathed, the grounds of Evans’ shop and museum were scattered with belly-up Fieros and littered with front clips, wheels, and exhaust tubing.  To help clean up their grounds, the Evans are offering anyone the chance to scavenge Fiero parts from their property before May 31—and they aren’t charging a dime.

Tim Evans had originally intended to liquidate the business and auction off his inventory this July—but then the floods had their way. The Michigan Fiero Club, which helped spread information about the parts-grabbing opportunity, posted on its Facebook page that the Evans initially gave Fiero fans through June 1 to swing by, but now the couple has moved the deadline up to this Sunday, May 31. Need a gas tank for your ’87 or some rad twenty-slot, Hi-Tech Turbo Wheels wheels for your ’85 GT? Who knows, you might stand a change of scrounging some suspension bits from a 1988 model.

Members of Michigan’s Fiero Club have already pitched in, helping the Evans to organize the wheels, body panels, and various parts strewn across the premises. We’re encouraged to see automotive enthusiasts masked up and willing to help out other gearheads in tough straits.

The Evans’ daughter set up a Go Fund Me to help cover clean-up expenses and perhaps help the Evans recover a portion of the funds they expected to receive from auctioning off the cars and parts. If you’d like to donate, know that “funds will go directly to Tim and Linda Evans to cover expenses related to flood relief and clean up of Fieros Forever,” the post reads.

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