F-Type ZP Edition commemorates last call for Jaguar’s gas sports cars

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While the noise of Jaguar’s sonorous V-8 engine will rumble on forever in the confines of the British Library in London, the actual V-8—and all other gas-burning engines that motivate the British brand’s lineup—are not long for this world. The marque is planning to pivot to exclusively electric powertrains in 2025, but prior to that, it’s going to send gas-burning Jags out with a rumble.

Behold, the final internal combustion-powered car designed by Jaguar, the F-Type ZP Edition. “As Jaguar embarks on the boldest transformation in its history, to become a modern luxury all-electric brand from 2025, this is an unrepeatable celebration of Jaguar’s internal combustion sports car provenance,” said Rawdon Glover, Managing Director, Jaguar.

“F-Type has captivated sports car drivers for more than a decade, just as the E-Type did five decades before it. The ZP Edition is the ultimate celebration of that lineage, joining an illustrious roster of heritage-inspired collector’s editions including the 2015 Project 7 and 2020 Heritage 60 Edition.”

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition convertible exterior side profile blue
Jaguar | Triggershoots LTD

Just 150 F-Type ZP Editions will be made, and you can have yours in one of two colors: Oulton Blue Gloss, or Crystal Grey Gloss. Both tones have never before graced the F-Type. The colors match two “specially formulated paints created for seven pairs of E-Type Project ZP Collection cars announced by Jaguar Classic earlier this year,” says Jag.

The paint colors are tributes to the first race-winning “Project ZP” E-Types that campaigned in racing events shortly after the E-Type’s launch in 1961. Opt for the blue one, and you’ll enjoy a Mars Red and Ebony two-tone leather interior. Pick the grey, and your cabin will come shod in a two-tone Navy Blue and Ebony interior. Both look quite handsome.

There are stylistic touches to the exterior, such as the porcelain white hand-painted roundels on the doors, and the grille surrounds lathered in a matching tone. Each car will feature a “One of 150” SV Bespoke (Jag’s personalization team) plaque to remind you how rare such vehicles are.

Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition coupe exterior side profile grey
Jaguar | Triggershoots LTD

The F-Type ZP Edition can be had in either a convertible or coupe body style; we’d recommend the convertible, personally. All the better to hear the supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 roar! Said V-8 comes directly from the F-Type R, boasting 575 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive is standard, and Jag says that 0–60 mph will take as little as 3.5 seconds. No manual is offered; you’ll have to make do with the torque-converter eight-speed automatic, which is not a bad ‘box.

When you’re responsible for 75 years of some of the best-sounding engines ever created, we could think of worse ways to mark the end of an era. The F-Type ZP Edition will be made available sometime next year. Pricing details have not been released, but don’t expect them to come cheap. (And honestly, expect that most of them are already spoken for. That’s kind of how these limited edition cars work.)



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