Englishman finds ’50s Ford buried in his garden

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The BBC reports that, while doing a spot of lockdown gardening, a man in England’s West Yorkshire area found an entire car buried in his backyard. Complete with its drivetrain and license plate, the unfortunate vehicle appears to be a Ford Popular from the 1950s, possibly put into permanent underground storage to avoid a scrapping fee when steel prices were at their lowest.

Now, John Brayshaw is waiting for your call if you have any idea who and why put a Ford once registered “VWX 192” in his garden.

Built in England 1953–62, the Ford “Pop” was a mass-market car positioned below Ford Anglias and Perfects, advertised as “the number one choice as your number two car.” With a base price less than double the tax one had to pay on it, the Ford Popular was the cheapest two-door sedan in the world, at least according to Ford UK.

A 1.2-liter engine with 30 hp, a three-speed manual gearbox, easy maintenance, and the option of a pickup bed as long as you lived in Australia. These were the rather limited features of Ford’s “Pop,” though they clearly did not impress the person who buried this one.

ford popular advertisement
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