Edelbrock takes the guesswork out of building horsepower

Open up any speed parts catalog or visit their website and you’ll find dozens of intake manifolds and cylinder heads and hundreds of camshafts that could be bolted together into literally a million different iterations. But which one is the best for your application? Will the camshaft work with your engine’s compression ratio? Will the torque curve match your driving style?

Edelbrock, the veteran speed parts company that has been hopping up American V-8s since Ford flatheads were the powertrain of choice, hopes to sort out the confusion with more than 80 different Power Packages that group a complete recipe for horsepower into a single part number.

By getting an intake manifold, cylinder heads, and camshaft that are known to work well together, hot-rodders can avoid the quagmire of trying to match the myriad of parts available into a single, well-sorted powerplant.

The Top End Kits contain an intake manifold, hydraulic camshaft and lifters, cylinder heads, a gasket set, and bolts. They’re available for V-8 Ford, Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, and Mopar applications from 321-hp 289s to 705-hp Hemis and Edelbrock also has a part number for Chevy’s legendary but short-lived 409.

In addition to getting a combo that is known to work, the Power Packages save about 5 percent over buying the parts separately. Edelbrock’s website has more detailed info on various applications. If you’ve had success with Edelbrock kit, show us your engine bay in the Hagerty Forums below.

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