Driver swaps million-mile 2007 Frontier for 2020 model

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Chicago-area delivery driver Brian Murphy and his million-mile Frontier have parted ways for good—but they’re each going to take things a bit easier now.

The red million-miler is headed to the plant where it was originally built—the Nissan Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant in Smyrna, Tennessee—and Nissan has made good on its promise to put Murphy behind the wheel of a new 2020 Frontier. Despite appearing a dupe for Murphy’s original pickup in all but color, the gifted Frontier represents quite a few changes for its driver.

The 2020 truck has power windows, a nine-speed automatic transmission, and the new V-6 Nissan dropped in for 2020, rather than present a true ground-up refresh. Murphy has racked up the million miles (at a rate of 77,000 a year) behind the wheel of four-cylinder truck with crank windows and a stick shift.


“I never imagined I’d be given a new truck, especially since my Frontier is still running strong,” Murphy said back in February. “It will be a real treat to have an efficient V-6 engine, but I guess I’ll have to find another way to exercise now that I’ll have an automatic transmission and power windows.”

The red four-banger was truly a trooper, fulfilling Murphy’s original goal of a million miles with only minimal maintenance: a clutch replacement at 801,000 miles, the driver’s seat at 500,000, and the alternator and radiator twice (each lasted approximately 450,000 miles.)

We’re glad to see that Nissan is treating Murphy—and giving his old truck a break. However, although Murphy’s former machine may be headed to retirement and his new truck boasts cushier amenities, it’s not quite time for him to quit making deliveries.

“My truck deserves to rest,” Murphy says, “but I’ve got to keep busy.”

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