Dodge Teases Charger Daytona SRT, Promises 2024 Debut


Since we were first shown the Charger Daytona SRT concept almost 18 months ago, news about the replacement for the long-lived Dodge Challenger has slowly trickled out. Now Dodge has given us a few teaser images via Instagram. The big news is that the production version will be available later this year, but this pre-production model also suggests that the design of the showroom model won’t deviate much from the concept.

2025 dodge charger srt daytona electric muscle car pre-production

What we can glean from the few, rather small photos is that the concept keeps the lines and proportions of the concept but adds a B-pillar, much like the recently departed Challenger. Like that car, this new two-door Charger will blur the line between coupe and sedan by offering a functional rear seat with actual headroom. Of course, the door handles are also new; they sat flush with the body on the concept. They are a bit tough to spot, but the concept’s prominent heat extractors appear to have made the cut, and the Fratzog in the grille appears to be sticking around. Both wins in our book.

Powertrain specifics have yet to be revealed, although an anonymous source confirmed in October that the new, turbocharged inline-six engine, which will be replacing the many iterations of the Hemi V-8, will be an option on the future muscle car … and Dodge didn’t exactly deny the report. We expect that the top model will be an EV, a prospect that has certainly ruffled some feathers among the Mopar muscle faithful.

While the powertrains are changing, Dodge certainly seems to be sticking to the successful Challenger formula by offering a large, stylish, comfortable two-door. The soundtrack will change, that much is certain, there’s just no reason to suggest that the turbo inline-six won’t deliver spirited performance. We’re eager to see how much Mopar can turn up the wick on the mighty 3.0-liter. We might not have to wait too long to find out.



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    Two things-the Hurricane 6 is a spin off of the 4 cylinder turbo Jeep motor. That motor is a spin-off of an Alfa Romeo design. Second is, unlike the 4, the Hurricane 6 has no iron cylinder liners. Instead, it uses a Plasma Transferred Wire Arc thermal sprayed lining for the cylinder walls. The Ford Coyote 5.0 uses that process as well, and online info does not seem complimentary. I’m wary of any liner-less aluminum block, but the again, I remember the Vega. Just curious why they ditched the liners.

    It was likely to save money some place, although I think I heard it was something about making the engines smaller too? I digress.
    I wouldn’t say the Jeep motor is a spin-off of the Alfa design. They were both conceived together, as outside of block decks and valve articulation, there’s not much difference between the two motors.

    Also, until 2022, the Jeep version was manufactured in Termoli, in Italy.
    None of this is necessarily a bad thing, but in addition to the Vega, I remember the FIAT 128.
    My experience with Alfa Romeo (early 80s) was not great either

    I’ll need to see a production model in the flesh. Right now it seems like they took the Challenger design and someone said “add more 69 Camaro RS”.

    Not saying that is bad.

    We’ll see if this has real legroom in the back seat –last Challenger I think you would need a short driver with the front seat all the way forward to claim that.

    Four 85th percentile males fit comfortably as long as those in front don’t push their seats all the way back. Getting much past 5’10” in front and those in back begin to suffer.

    MPH302 I appreciate your response. My extended family is a mix of above/below that 5’10” cutoff you cite and I am at it so it might work for me.

    I’ll have to test drive some next time I am serious about a next vehicle.

    5’10”? East Coast focused?
    Midwest boys tend to be 6’ or taller.
    I’m the shortest of all the cousins at 6’ even. In high school I was solid middle of the pack height wise. Which isn’t saying much in a school with 30% Hispanic enrollment.

    This is the car they will use to get back into NASCAR.

    The nose, quarters and roof are all for aero.

    The inline six will work for mist that do not have cylinder count issues. But it will never sound right.

    Just me or do the headlights look a little Camaro-ey? Not a complaint, just noticing.
    That said, shut up and take my money. I’d even go far enough to tick off the purists and get the EV model.
    But…I have to wonder how successful this will be. Will the Hemi faithful buy this over a Mustang, even though the V8 is no more? How much is FCA betting on the Moparista’s dedication to the brand and not just the engine? Or could this be their foray into attracting a different crowd that would welcome a turbo inline six or EV power?

    Ev is a mistake! Didn’t work the first time in history and today is no exception! Same can be said for self checkout at the grocery! I give it another 2-3 yrs and they’re finished! C’mon Dodge you can do better!

    Tesla produced 1,845,985 vehicles 2023.
    1,189,051 EV’s were sold in US in 2023.
    EV share of the total U.S. vehicle market was 7.6%, according to Kelley Blue Book estimates.

    15,608,386 total vehicle sales US 2023

    I agree. I’m amazed that more people haven’t said the same thing. I’ve owned a 68, 85, and 08 Charger and they all look better than this thing.

    Good looking car. Reading where a ‘new generation’ Hemi is being developed in secret – let’s hope so.

    Predictably, the Hurricane 6 will be a service nightmare, as my extensive experiences with Mopar dealers since the 1980s reveal the entire Mopar service network is seemingly dysfunctional. 1985 Chrysler LeBaron GTS bought new: if I wanted it fixed properly while under warranty, I either fixed it myself or paid an independent garage. Dealt with numerous dealers. The dealers were completely discombobulated.

    Fast forward to 2020: 300S 5.7 bought new – nothing has changed – different dealer, different state. Love the car, plan on keeping it at 67 yo.

    I’m sure it’s just me: I haven’t learned the secret handshake, secret password, the correct bribe, whatever. Perhaps a seance is in order?

    I like it–a bit of the coke bottle shape of the 68-70, but also something new. Inline 6 isn’t a deal killer for me, I just hope they are reliable enough that I can convince the significant other that it would be a “practical” purchase…

    Nascar Cup cars are all the same now with just a front and rear end bits to make them represent the OE’s wants and needs. If Dodge wanted to be in NASCAR they could have done it all ready.t Stellantis is in no rush. I believe the year on year sales drops on RAM and Jeep, is really effect the operation. I would expect an SRT prototype sports car (IMSA) before a NASCAR entry. Not that a NASCAR Return would not be awesome.

    This car could be great! Stellantis was late to the EV party, now on the way and getting word the party isn’t that great, people aren’t staying or leaving all together. Hard to make a great car a when the engineering brief is constantly changing.

    I wish the new Charger and Dodge all the best!

    I’m not digging the styling but I admit some bad angle photography isn’t helping. I’m not terribly excited on this car so far.

    Build it. But offering EV, Inline 6 and a V8. Otherwise the EV is gonna bankrupt a very loved car company, and I’m a Chevy guy. But I love the big three as an American. It gives the rest of the automotive WORLD the big finger.

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