Dodge revives “Goes Like Hell” tagline with Hornet GLH concept


At the reveal of the 2023 Dodge Hornet last night, CEO Tim Kuniskis had a little trick up his sleeve. Following up news earlier this week of Dodge’s expanded catalog of performance and grassroots motorsport offerings, Kuniskis & Co. unveiled a Hornet GLH concept that is essentially a showcase of Direct Connection’s available upgrades for the new subcompact crossover.

Performance goodies include an ECU tune (Stage kit) for the 265-hp/295 lb-ft Hornet GT, one-inch lowering kit for the standard Koni shocks, “unrestricted” dual exhaust with richer sound, unique 20-inch painted and machine-faced wheels, black-painted lower trim and rear fascia with exhaust cutout, and, of course, a suite of GLH graphics.


Standing for “Goes Like Hell,” the GLH name was last used on the mid-1980s Dodge Omni. Like the Alfa Romeo Tonale-based Hornet, the Omni was a subcompact with international presence—it was Chrysler’s first world car when it landed for the 1978 model year. The GLH version arrived for 1984, modified by Carroll Shelby with a 110-hp 2.2-liter four-cylinder and chassis upgrades similar to those of the Shelby Charger. 1985 and ’86 saw the addition of the GLH-T, an optional turbo version packing 146 horses. Atop the Omni performance heap was the Shelby GLH-S (Goes Like Hell S’More), of which 500 were built between 1986 and ’87. These limited editions boasted a Turbo II version of the GLH-T engine with 175 hp; the four-cylinder was used in Shelby Charger GLH-S as well as the rakish Consulier GTP.

For the Hornet GLH, Kuniskis promised a power-to-weight ratio better than the original GLH (he didn’t specify Omni or Charger) and more than twice the Shelby Turbo II engine’s 175 lb-ft of torque.

Direct Connection parts can be ordered through Dodge Power Brokers dealers, with the advantage of not voiding the original warranty if installed at a registered dealer. The 285-hp/383-lb-ft Hornet R/T plug-in hybrid will also be compatible with Direct Connection upgrades.

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