Dodge CEO: No V-8, No Hellcat “in the Plan”

Cameron Neveu

Though the news shouldn’t come as a surprise, it stings nonetheless: Dodge is done with the Hemi V-8. Speaking to journalists at the reveal of the 2024 Dodge Charger, CEO Tim Kuniskis confirmed that the heart of the brand for the outgoing generation of Dodge performance cars is truly gone.

“We love performance. We love to go fast. We don’t have a V-8 in the plan,” Kuniskis said.

There is, however, still a gas option. Though the 2024 Charger will arrive exclusively as the electric Daytona model, in early 2025 Dodge will introduce the Sixpack variant, carrying Hurricane twin-turbo inline-six power.

“We looked at many different powertrains. But I think you’ve probably driven the Hurricane [many times], and it is a fantastic powertrain,” Kuniskis argued. “If you want to count cylinders, sure, it’s different. But if you want to put a 550-horsepower Hurricane up against a 5.7 or even a 6.4 V-8, the numbers tell the story. It’s a pretty amazing package.”

Indeed, the S.O. and the H.O.—the two states of tune for the 3.0-liter Hurricane six—outpower the 5.7-liter and 6.4-liter Hemis, respectively. The Charger Sixpack S.O. will make 420 hp against the outgoing 5.7’s 370, while the H.O’s 550 hp tops the 6.4’s 485. Official torque figures for these engines are not yet available, but in the Ram 1500 pickup the S.O. is good for 469 lb-ft and the H.O. for 521 lb-ft. Both of these figures, while potentially even higher in the 2025 Charger, beat the 5.7 Hemi’s 395 lb-ft and the 6.4’s 475.

Of course, numbers are not everything. The new Hurricane does not have a voice equal to the Hemi’s deep snarl, as our senior editor Brandan Gillogly noted during his first drive of the 2025 Ram 1500: “The straight-six delivers a well-tuned exhaust note, but it’s more understated than bellicose throughout its operation,” he said.

2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten Hurricane I-6 six
2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten© 2024 Stellantis

If you’re taking the Hemi’s departure hard, at least take solace in the fact that Dodge isn’t planning to resurrect the Hellcat nameplate with any other powertrain. Kuniskis told Road & Track that he doesn’t think customers would accept it any other way. With the Hemi gone, however, so goes the beloved Hellcat. (We sent all five cars with the crazy-kitty motor out in style last year—read Sam Smith’s full story here.)


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    No V8 in the 1500… well no reason to buy a RAM again. Not interested in twin turbo inline six cylinder. This is how brands die when they don’t listen to the customers.

    I love how they talk numbers but put twin turbos on the old V8s, they would destroy that inline 6. The government just regulated them out of it. That’s all.

    i second the motion.

    short of writing a chapter’s worth of my boring ideals & opinions, i’ll just say i got mine with the purchase of a new ’22 challenger sp with 6 mt. “party on, garth!”

    The ghost of the HEMI must notice the soaring price of the “used” cars out there would indicate that V8’s do rule. If a 6 or turbo anything were great LS swap kits wouldn’t exist.

    I absolutely love cars and the ICE. And I’m not usually a ‘get off my lawn’ old fart. That said, Dodge’s ads and my observations in metro areas in two states is that Dodge is focused on marketing loud, high speed vehicles which appeal to a customer base that includes those whose night time joy riding and irresonsible racing in residential areas awaken a lot of people on a regular basis …and, in the daytime. scares the hell out of pedestrians, sidewalk diners and fellow motorists in busy downtown areas and on expressways. Infatuation with speed is definitely not new but the moronic disregard for others by so many is shocking. If the local constabulary can’t prevail in re-directing the testosterone, a few ‘accident’ related wrongful death suits naming Dodge as partly responsible may speed the brand’s demise faster than the absence of a V8.

    No V8, no soul. Like when exotic car manufacturers still call them “Super Cars” with EV motors…not super at all. VROOOOM! Not vreeeem.

    The modern versions were repops from the sixties. That’s where the soul was. Today’s versions are just consumer products based on consumer products from long ago.

    Upon Stellantis confirming the end of the current LX/LA platforms, I thanked them for making my newly purchased Last Call, Sinamon Stick, 2023 Challenger RT 345, Blacktop Edition an instant modern classic… Despite the You Tubers’ complaints about dealer markups, I found a great dealership that was happy to put this Hemi powered modern classic in my garage for a price consistent with the V6, AWD version… Seriously.

    Excess horsepower comes in handy when you have a need to brag about how much horsepower you have. REal world, not so much. Sound? Nothing is more monotonous than exhaust noise. Our road manners are in for a rude awakening with speed cameras and even our cars transmitting our speeds to insurance companies.

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